Martin de Knijff

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 20:53

Martin de Knijff

A poker biography of Martin de Knijff.

Quick Information

Name - Martin de Knijff

Born - 1972, Gothenburg, Sweden

Poker Room - Not Available


The $2,728,356 cash prize was simply nothing but the biggest winnings ever in the history of live poker tourneys, and poker player Martin de Knijff was responsible for snatching such jackpot off the table. With this record-breaking event, it is no surprise that de Knijff was given the poker title, "the knife."

The record of his winnings, indeed, shows how many poker lives Martin has cut short in the poker table with his impressive skills and game plays. Starting out in 1996 as a rookie, de Knijff joined the £500 Hold'em Main Event in London where he won 3rd place with $6,448. He continued to play in 2001 in the $500 Pot Limit Hold'em where he got $ 18,963 for winning the same place. Only months after this last win, he engaged in the $ 1,500 No Limit Hold'em in Helsinki and won 2nd place with $15,848.

Just when de Knijff finally created a name in the poker world in 2002, by winning the 13th place in the WSOP $10,000 Championship Event in Las Vegas where he brought home $60,000, he proved that he deserved his poker title the next year by winning 1st and bagging the million-dollar cash prize in the WPT No Limit Hold'em Championship at the Bellagio Five-Star Hotel in Las Vegas. Last 11th of October 2006, he played his latest tourney and won th$ 5,000 No Limit Hold'em in Las Vegas, with $ 7,840 cash prize as the 12th placer.

Like other poker players, de Knijff's passion and motivation for playing rooted from his family. Born on the 2nd of October 1972 in Gothenburg, Sweden, de Knijff's first encounter with cards was at age 7 when he used to play bridge with his granny, who gave him candy every time he won. This training made de Knijff Sweden's Bridge Life Master by the time he reached 21. Unfortunately, the card player did not seem to think that bridge was his forte, so, deriving from his experience at age 15, when he was playing a Five-Card Draw with his family, he realized his passion for poker later in life, specifically when he fell in love with Hold'em and Omaha.

From then on, he indulged in poker and learned more through Swedish masters Jan Lundberg and Chris Bjorn. Aside from his mentors, his games, and competitors, he also got his motivation from Doyle Brunson's famous "Super System," which helped him on bluffing styles, game strategies, and gambling, in general. Amazingly, by being a book enthusiast, this poker player was also encouraged to write and until today, de Knijff shares his knowledge in poker and gambling through his articles in CardPlayer Magazine.

Apart from poker, de Knijff is also a master sports bettor and a golf player so whenever you don't see him at the poker table, you can look for him in golf courses or in betting stations. But of course, this is not always the case because this pro poker champ is a family man who's devoted to his only son, Robin, whom he immediately called when he won his biggest million prize.