Matt Damon

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 20:57

Matt Damon

A poker biography of Matt Damon.

Quick Information

Name - Matt Damon

Born - October 8th 1970, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Poker Room - Not Available

Unlike his very good friend, film actor Ben Affleck, Hollywood actor Matt Damon has not had any reported major victory in the world of poker. The actor though is considered a good enough poker player as he has been known to participate in several major tournaments like the World Series of Poker European version more than two years ago where at stake was 700,000 prize money given out in pounds and not in dollars. The tournament featured other popular celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Ben Affleck, and Robbie Williams.

Actually, what introduced this Massachusetts-born star to the exciting world of poker was his film role in Rounders where Damon was a law student who lost his money set for his tuition to a game of poker, eventually leading him to team up with an old friend played by Edward Norton into entering the shady world of high-stakes gambling. The venture proved disastrous as the game further dragged Damon to more debts that he needlessly owed from the Russian mob.

For the said role, Damon took extensive poker tutorials from poker veteran Phil Hellmuth. The lessons obviously brought out the gambling side of the actor, because ever since, he has been known to be a regular participant in several major poker events. He was with best friend Ben in the California State Poker Championship sponsored by Commerce Casino. Damon got eliminated in the early part of the tournament. Ben, on the other hand, had luck by his side, eventually ending up to win big in the said event.

Born on the eighth day of October in 1970, Damon finished his secondary education at High Cambridge Ridge. Afterward, he entered Harvard University for his college course, but he eventually dropped out.

As a movie actor, Damon has been cited by the Academy Awards for his excellent performance in 'Good Will Hunting', a movie that also earned him the trophy for Best Original Screenplay. Several other nominations eventually came along for the same movie, earning citations from the Golden Globe and the SAG.

Damon has also appeared in various shows on TV including Will and Grace, The Bernie Mac Show, Extra, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He has likewise produced a TV concert entitled Project Greenlight, which Damon made with his good friend Ben Affleck.

Of course, Damon has, of late, also starting to create a name in the field of online poker. He was reported to have played hard in the WSOP in 1998. Unfortunately, his game strategy proved to be quite ineffective as he got eliminated from the contest on the very first day. A situation that was not quite expected if one is to judge the kind of plays that he came up with when he took on the challenging role of Mike McDermott in Rounders, the 1998 film that laid down the carpet for the world-wide craze that eventually hit online poker approximately three or four years later. Nevertheless, Damon is known to be a firm fan of poker games, and sooner or later, will get to hit his stride.