Matt Matros

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 21:00

Matt Matros

A poker biography of Matt Matros.

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Name - Matt Matros

Born - Not Available

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Who says Math and Language are two different things and one can never be good at both subjects at the same time? Certainly, Matros did not say that because he believes otherwise. His college and graduate degrees simply prove that anyone can love two seemingly contradicting things: numbers and letters, Math and writing. After finishing a degree in Mathematics, which was his first love at the Yale University, Matros entered the Sara Lawrence College to get a degree in fiction writing. But along the way in his graduate life, Matros struggled financially. Even though he had a good job, he realized that the salary was not enough to suffice all of his financial needs. So when he turned to poker, which he was good at, he immediately quit his job and entered the poker world.

Poker was his hobby, which he never took seriously, during high school and college. By the time he was in his senior year in graduate school, he decided to join tourneys to earn money for his student life, without any idea that this was the beginning of his future career in poker. Eventually, Matros gained more than enough and was also able to finish graduate school with his poker winnings.

This persistent player, then, realized that he could gain more from poker so he decided to totally jump into the poker bandwagon. Since 2001, he has been winning huge, huge cash prizes which have been further motivating him to never leave poker. Despite fear and uncertainty of success, Matros went on and joined many live and online poker events such as the Limit Hold'em event in Atlantic city, WPT Borgata Poker Open, Trump Classic, 36th World Series of Poker, 2005 World Poker Finals, and the 2004 Bellagio Five-Star World Poker Classic/WPT Championship in Las Vegas. The last event, which took place last April 2004, was the highlight of Matros' career in poker because he won 3rd place among the 343 contenders and bagged his biggest winnings, $706,903, in his poker career.

Simply put, Matros is a Math geek, writer, and poker player. But, what does this young poker champ see in these three things that makes his life seem so easy? According to Matros, logic binds the three and everything that depends on it. He learns logic from Math and applies it in writing and playing poker because he believes that a good story as well as a good game play have their own logical bases. For instance, he knows what step to take next because he understands the probability and logical consequences of his actions. In such aspect, Matros is thankful that he did not abandon school just to impulsively follow his passion; instead, he finished school and worked.

Until today, Matros is still an important name in the poker world. Amazingly, since he has shown to have potentials in other fields, his career does not revolve around gambling alone. In fact, this poker player even plans to finish and publish a novel soon, something which will reveal his real poker personality.