Michael Mizrachi

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 14:40

Michael Mizrachi

A poker biography of Michael Mizrachi.

Quick Information

Name - Michael Mizrachi

Born - January 5th 1981, Miami, Florida, United States

Poker Room - Absolute Poker


The "Rebel Without A Cause" of the poker tables, Michael Mizrachi, left college so as to make time for his poker playing full-time. Born on January 5, 1981 in Miami Florida, this young poker master credits his playing online poker games frequently as the reason for rising up the rankings in a short period of time. One of his peculiarities is that he brings his entire family along as support during the tourney circuit. He and his brood travels in an impressive tour bus through cities and states to the delight of his fans.

Michael Mizrachi says that despite the fact that he has a twin, Eric, it was his other brother Daniel, who introduced and cultivated his interest in playing poker. Michael's experience in poker started with the $5 - $10 limit in Paradise Poker. This was continued to the $30 - $60, as well as the $100 - $200 tourneys at PokerStars. Michael Mizrachi's forays into poker continued on even until his college days. As mentioned, he had initially planned to become a rich doctor, but he decided to drop out later so as to focus more into playing poker full-time. Soon after his fateful decision to be a professional poker player, Michael joined several tournaments quickly and was lucky enough to enjoy a huge amount of success. His winnings garnered the interest of the public, and he was given the nickname Michael "The Grinder." The main reason for such is his playing style, which is reliable, steady, and good. He is often seen to win tidy amounts of cash that many poker players envy.

In 2005, Michael made it to the back-to-back final tables at the World Poker Tour. This was followed by placing fifth spot at the L.A. World Poker Open in 2005 and winning the big prize of $1,859,909 at the L.A. Poker Classic during the same year. In a recent interview, Michael Mizrachi was quoted to have said that most of the online poker games he had experienced in his youth has prepared him greatly for his shot at live action play. He claims that playing online is a good way to learn dealing and going against other players, either the aggressive or the passive ones. The regular practice he got playing against people of different nationalities and characteristics makes it possible for him to adjust to various modes of play, thus making it equally harder for other players to go against him. As with all kinds of sports and games, practice improves skill and allows the player to find loopholes in his strategies and work on them. This advise is something that other players should take into consideration, since exploring different gaming avenues improves game reflexes and makes one keener and sharper.

Currently, Michael Mizrachi lives in Florida. He is married to Aidiliy and he has a son named Paul William Mizrachi. Despite the fact that he lives in Florida, Michael still makes it a point to join different poker tournaments all over the country. So as to have quality time for his family while playing in the poker tournament circuit, he brings his family with him in a new tour bus that he bought after a great game at the Commerce Casino.