Milo Slew Jacobson

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 19:59

Milo Slew Jacobson

A poker biography of Milo Slew Jacobson.

Quick Information

Name - Milo "Slew" Jacobson

Born - Not Available

Poker Room - Not Available


Most people think that those who enthusiastically spend long hours of the day inside casinos are there just to gamble their money away. Some even believe that people in such places are very desperate to instantly become rich and famous. It is true that playing games like poker can offer a considerably large amount of monetary gains, but it cannot be perfectly assumed that engaging in such activities is done entirely for the purpose of obtaining money.

Many poker players participate in tournaments because of the financial benefits, but there are also some who play just for fun. One exuberant professional player known in the world of poker games is Milo "Slew" Jacobson. Unlike what most people think, Jacobson is a professional poker player who does not really care about the money -- what he cares about is the game.

The Pleasure-Loving Guy

Milo Jacobson is a six feet tall poker player who plays without giving much attention to the prize he might obtain at the end of every game. Jacobson need not care about the financial returns because he is already a rich guy. In addition, because he came from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Jacobson was used to a happy-go-lucky, extravagant, and expensive way of life. South Dakota is a place where culture is very exquisite and rich. It is a land where most people spend time to enjoy champagne, study their own history, and appreciate different arts in museums. South Dakota people know how to enjoy several fine cuisine and take pleasure in listening to different genres of music and Jacobson acquired this pleasurable way of living. He enjoys a very carefree and wealthy lifestyle. In fact, he is the kind of man who indulges in drinking Martini every breakfast. Every time he plays poker, a Canadian Club must be also served to his delight.

The Happy Poker Player

Because of his happy-go-lucky nature, Jacobson does not play his game the serious and hard way. Unlike most players, Jacobson treats a poker session as an enjoyable and relaxing experience. He even pampers himself with delightful brandy whenever he sits down to play. Jacobson plays without the pressure of winning.

Jacobson's easy way of playing his game paid off. Despite not being serious in his poker sessions, he still obtained significant achievements in the field of poker. This cheerful player made his way to the 1977 World Series of Poker Tournament (WSOP) -- one of the most distinguished poker contests in the world -- where he bet $10,000 for the Hold'em championship event. He became a runner-up in this tournament, which was held at Binion's Horseshoe. There tournament had 34 contestants and it is admirable that, out of the 34, he won 3rd place in the main event final table.

Now, Jacobson is retired from playing professional poker. He simply enjoys his money and free time by playing the card game at Elks Club or by enjoying the taste of his wine at his elegant South Dakota home.