MLB Betting

Wed, 31 Dec 2008 22:38

MLB Betting

Betting on the major league baseball.

Many people tune in to watch Major League Baseball playoffs to see whether the team they're rooting for wins the game. There are individuals, though, who do more than just sit in front of the television screen and enjoy the game. Some people actually engage in MLB betting. Betting on various sports events is exciting and fun. This can also be lucrative for bettors, especially those who are already familiar with how betting processes go. Various factors can affect the outcome of a baseball game, so bettors should be careful about making their bets. MLB betting is not just about luck. It also entails some research and analysis. There are three main components of MLB betting: betting on the run line, betting on a side, and betting on the over/under line.

MLB betting: betting on a run line

The run line is similar to a point spread, but the actual spread is already fixed at 1.5 runs. Individuals betting on the run line are betting that their favorite will win by at least two runs, or that the underdog of the game will either win or lose by only one run. Betting on a run line allows bettors to change money figures, and this can help them keep their losses at a minimum. When making their bets, bettors should keep in mind that winning at a lower price is always better than losing at a higher price.

MLB betting: betting on a side

Simply put, betting on a side means that the bettor has to choose a team that he or she thinks will win. When wagering on MLB baseball, bettors are betting on the money line and they aren't using a spread, unless they bet on the run line, in which case a spread is used. When betting on a home team, the bettor will be shelling out more to gain profit. For example, the bettor will have to pay $1.20 to win $1.00. For the road team, the bettor will gain more profit for the amount he or she bets. For instance, he or she might have to bet only $1.00 to win $1.10. Either way, whether the bettor is wagering on the home team or road team, the team he or she picks has to win in order for him or her to get the prize.

MLB betting: betting on the over/under

The over/under states the number of points that oddsmakers expect will be the combined score of both teams. When betting on the over/under, the bettor will specify whether he thinks the total points both teams score will be more or less than the specified number. In case the over/under line specifies a total score of eight and a bettor is wagering on over, the teams should have a combined score of eight or more for the bettor to win. In case the score of the teams is the exact one on the over/under line, the bet is deemed a tie and the bettor gets his money back.

Those who have never done MLB betting before will certainly benefit from doing research and asking those who are seasoned bettors. Individuals must keep in mind, though, that even predictions may turn out to be wrong and it's best to bet only what one can afford to lose.