Fund your online casino account with moneybookers.

Moneybookers is an Internet-based payment and fund-transfer system patterned after that of Paypal, one of the more established online payment systems today. Moneybookers now claims more than 2.1 million account holders as of last month, and has now processed around 1.657 million euros worth of transfers and transactions. The general demand for Moneybookers can be traced to its inclusion under the Accepted Payments Policy of eBay, wherein it is recognized as a viable payment method for use by eBay merchants and sellers.

Like many other online payment services available, Moneybookers allows its members to send, receive and transfer money online. It is also free for Internet vendors who have their own personal bank accounts. Business-based accounts, on the other hand, come with registration fees and are available only for qualified members. Account holders can send their money through it using either their debit or credit card or opt to directly transfer the amount from their accounts in banks based in many OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)-recognized countries. Fund withdrawal can be done by credit card, bank-approved check, direct bank account transfer, and debit card. However, Moneybookers does require its users to verify their personal identification every time they access their account. This gives it the level of security and protection that puts it at par with rival Internet-based payment systems. Being a European-based service, Moneybookers requires its users to limit their fund transfers to Euros or dollars. This means that any would-be applicant must have a European or American bank account from which they must source their funds with Euro or dollar denominations.

The Moneybookers online payment service is not only accepted by businesses and merchants in the Internet, but by most gaming websites and portals. An gambling portal, Play65 uses Moneybookers as one of its deposit options. A backgammon-only gambling site, it allows players to use Moneybookers as an online fund transfer option. Although players can transfer funds online using other payment options, Play65 recommends Moneybookers for its fast fund transfer service. To start using Moneybookers for online gaming, a prospective player must fund his Moneybooker account using his bank account. Moneybookers is affiliated with some of the most popular banks that facilitate money transfer using online methods. Alternatively, players can transfer funds manually by going to the actual bank. After funding his Moneybookers account, he needs to log in at the Play65 website and deposit funds to his gaming account using Moneybookers fund transfer service. To make a deposit, a player should click on the "Cashier" link in the Lobby page, and select Moneybookers as his preferred deposit method. He must input his desired deposit and confirm the transaction using his Moneybookers account number. A confirmation email or message would approve the transaction and reflect all the details of the transaction.

With its efficient fund transfer system, Moneybookers has always been one of the top payment solution option available online. Online money players who frequent the backgammon and gambling websites attest to the way Moneybookers has changed the way they play.