Fund your online casino or poker account with mycitadel.

myCitadel is the Internet payment and fund transfer service of Citadel Commerce Corporation, an online "payment processing brand" headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Known also as myCitadel Wallet, it is mainly offered to Canada and United States residents. There are no fees needed to open a myCitadel account, though active Citadel Commerce customers--especially those who use Citadel Checks in their online transactions--are approved to open one in advance. Unlike other online payment solutions in use today, myCitadel allows its users to pay without risk of exposing their personal bank account details. This allows for greater confidentiality and security, and increase protection from identity theft and fraud.  

To open an account, prospective account holders need to log in the myCitadel website at Afterwards they will be guided to a step-by-step process on how to set up their account. They will be asked for personal information, working e-mail address, active bank account information, U.S. or Canadian postal address, and --for Premium myCitadel account members-- a S.S.N. (Social Security Number) or a S.I.N. (Social Identification Number). After verification, account holders can then transfer their bank funds to your myCitadel account. Although they need to be a United States or Canadian citizen to avail of the service, myCitadel allows for transfers from European and Asian banks. It also accepts every major international currency as source for funds, as long as the bank and the account that it carries have been verified and checked.

Many Internet-based businesses and companies now include myCitadel as a payment option , and the list is still growing. Its instantaneous system of fund transfer, flexibility, and ease of use has contributed to its growing popularity. The service has proven to be particularly popular with  gaming and casino websites and online gamblers, with its near-anonymous way of account maintenance and instant payment transfer. Among them are the many gaming and casino websites found at like Party Gammon.

Party Gammon is an backgammon site that offers a good and easy way to use myCitadel as an online payment option. Players need to download the Party Gammon software before being prompted to open a Party Account. After signing up, players can now use their PartyAccount to play backgammon money games. But, before playing, players must have at least $20 in their Party Gammon account. For this purpose, Party Gammon employs the myCitadel fund transfer and payment solution option. Transfering funds using myCitadel is easy. Bank account holders just need to transfer the desired amount of funds into their myCitadel account using online banking. With a funded myCitadel account, players can transfer funds into their PartyAccount. To do this, players must verify their email addresses and other account information. Once verified, the main Deposits page will appear where they should select myCitadel as their deposit option. Upon selection, a secure page comes up where gamers can finish the deposit procedure. Party Gammon will then send back to an email confirming the deposit. After their initial deposit, players can use their myCitadel accounts every time they log into their PartyAccounts to play real money games.

Internet gamblers who often play in sites appreciate the instantaneous, easy-to-use, and flexible way of transferring and depositing funds that the myCitadel service provides. Also, they can never deny the appeal of anonymously doing their deposits online, with the security and protection that myCitadel offers.