NBA Eastern Conference

Sat, 03 Jan 2009 10:51

NBA Eastern Conference

Information about National Basketball Association's Eastern Conference.

The National Basketball Association's Eastern Conference is composed of 15 teams, which are divided into three divisions, each made up of five teams. The three divisions are the Southeast Division, the Atlantic Division, and the Central Division.

NBA Eastern Conference: the divisions and their teams

The Atlantic Division is composed of the Toronto Raptors, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, and the Boston Celtics. The Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat, and Orlando Magic make up the Southeast Division, while the Central Division is made up of the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks, and Cleveland Cavaliers. This current divisional alignment was implemented during the 2004-05 season.

Several teams from the Eastern Conference have already been relocated to the Western Conference. These teams include the Golden State Warriors (known previously as the Philadelphia Warriors, New Orleans Hornets (formerly known as Charlotte Hornets), Houston Rockets, Cincinnati Royals, and Utah Jazz (known before as New Orleans Jazz).

NBA Eastern Conference: the seeding arrangement

The three winners of the division as well as one non-division winner with the best record are seeded one through four for the playoffs. Seeding is done according to their record, with the remaining non-division winners seeded five through eight. The home-court advantage during playoffs is determined by record and not by seeding. This arrangement was implemented because a non-division winner may have a record that is better than that of the winners of the division winners. If the three division winners are seeded one through three for the playoffs according to their record, and all the non-division winners are seeded four through eight, then it's possible for the conference's two best teams to play against each other during the Conference Semifinals. The NBA opted to use the current format to make sure that the two best teams in each conference will not play against each other earlier than the Conference Finals.

The playoffs of the Eastern Conference are separated into two playoff rounds. The winner of the Eastern Conference finals and the winner of the Western Conference finals will face each other during the NBA finals to determine which among the two teams will be the champion. All playoff series are played best-of-seven.

NBA Eastern Conference: teams with the most conference championships

The most successful team in the Eastern Conference is the Boston Celtics, which have gone to 20 conference championships. Next is the Philadelphia 76ers (formerly known as the Syracuse Nationals), with nine conference championships to their name. With seven conference championships, the New York Knicks come in third, and Chicago Bulls closely follow with six of their own conference championships. The Detroit Pistons have five, and Washington Wizards (known before as the Washington Bullets) have four conference championships. With three conference championships to their name is the Golden State Warriors (previously known as the Philadelphia Warriors and now part of the Western Conference), and with two of their own is the New Jersey Nets. Six teams all have one conference championship. These teams include the Washington Capitols, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Indiana Pacers.