Nenad Serb Medic

Mon, 16 Jun 2008 20:09

Nenad Serb Medic

A poker biography of Nenad Serb Medic.

Quick Information

Name - Nenad "Serb" Medic

Born - Not Available

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There are many different kinds of poker players out there, and their presence makes every poker game a fascinating one. There are many types of personalities and game style that are truly interesting to watch like newcomer Annand Ramdin and veteran poker players like Doyle Brunson. Once in a while, unexpected things happen, and Nenad "Serb" Medic during the 2006 World Poker Finals was just one of those things.

The Man Who Surprised Them All
During the 2006 World Poker Finals, a player emerged as the surprising winner and his name was Nenad "Serb" Medic. An intimidating and aggressive poker player, this Serbian-born Canadian poker player provided the biggest upset of the 2006 finals by beating crowd favorites and winning $1,717,194 in cash prize.

Nenad Medic is a resident of Ontario, Canada and his hobbies include playing basketball. Like fellow poker player Chau Giang, Nenad became a citizen in a foreign country and played poker to make it big. Physically, Nenad Medic can be impossing, especially since his 6'4" frame is well built, anyone near him can get intimidated by him. Unfortunately for these players, Nenad Medic knows this and he is quick to use it to his advantage by applying pressure on the other players.

The Poker Playing Career of Nenad Medic
Nenad Medic has track record good enough to show that he is a good poker player. He has won first place finish and he has the 175th position in the ProRank 1. Nenad Medic's total cash winnings have reached a total of $2,322,697.

How He Won the 2006 World Poker Finals
When Nenad Medic started at the 2006 World Poker Finals, it may be safe to assume that he was not the winner everyone was expecting. Why wouldn't they be, when there were other more popular and more skilled players? Even if poker can be attributed somewhat to luck, it could only mean that even newcomers or young players can win.

However, during the said tournament, the whole thing was seemingly dominated by two players: Kathy Liebert and Mimi Tran. Despite the fact that there were still other players like E.G. Harvin and Michael Perry, the viewers seemed to be anticipating a female winner. As the matches continued, several players dropped out of the game, including the female ones; making it a one on one game between the two men, Harvin and Nenad Medic.

Nenad Medic was able to hold a chip lead of 6-to-5 against Harvin, making the match last for 13 more hands. During the first hands, Nenad Medic was able to turn up the game and rake five out of the six pots that enabled him to get the lead.

During the final hand, Harvin raised a flop which was then called by Nenad Medic. In terms of betting, Harvin became aggressive as Nenad continued to call the bet. After the river turned and it produced a 9, Harvin made a move with all-in that Nenad again called. As Harvin showed his A-J two pair with ace kicker, he made the mistake of assuming that he was able to get the best hand. However, Nenad Medic proved better when he showed his 7-5 full house, winning the tournament.

Nenad Medic is an interesting player, albeit not as infamous as Vinnie Vinh, but he proved that he can hold his own in a game.