Fund your online casino or poker account with neteller.

Barely five years after NETeller debuted in 1999 as another payment solution provider, it has already earned its reputation as among the leading firms and fund choices of online casinos. With millions of customers worldwide and almost 3,500 merchants on the web, the NETeller grosses up to $7.3 billion in both business and wireless transactions -- that's only in 2005.  The firm has various regional offices, too, located in Asia, Canada, and even Costa Rica, and is planning to further extend its reach beyond their current locations.

In online gambling , more active web participants prefer using NETeller to transfer funds, especially when they play in casino sites like Gammon Empire, Party Gammon, Play65, 24 Karat Gold Casino, Bingo Day, and Canbet.  For sign up and registration privileges as well as bonuses and pay outs, casino sites encourage people here and abroad start their personal accounts with the help of the NETeller option.  But though popular and successful, the only way to really appreciate this payment option's advantages is to use its security features in deposit, transfer, and withdrawal methods. By using the NETeller card, bingo players enjoy larger pots of money, promos, and bonuses.  

Bingo For Money fans may be very familiar with the simple ways to deposit or transfer funds on their NETeller account. Online gamers can use their credit cards to transfer funds to specified NETeller account and have easier access to casino and poker registrations.  Experienced players normally use this option to process payments in real time.  

Players could also use their online checks when moving funds into their NETeller account. Online checks, however, may require more time, roughly four to five days, before they can transfer the fund to a NETeller account.  When using NETeller for the aforementioned casino sites, registration is done by filling out the accurate information sheet and providing the bank account details.  

But if you want a faster alternative, instaCASH may be a better option to do your money transfer for NETeller.  Once the bank account data are already verified, you can have access to as much as $750, which is more than enough to raise the stakes of any money pot.  However, some instances may prolong the process of money transfer, but the more you use instaCASH, the higher the fund you can gain access to. If you want to add more funds to your NETeller account, you may also fill out forms for personal account information and let the bank wire or internet banking respond in a matter of time.

For withdrawing funds using NETeller, the same optional methods of check and bankwires apply.  These methods actually depend on your location and availability of funds.  But whichever way you choose, NETeller ensures protection against fraud with its top-of-the-line technology and rigid checking and verification process, which is complete with ID and password registration.  

Since there are players today who demand more convenience and ease in their payments, NETeller also introduces another useful feature known as NETeller card.  With a NETeller card, anyone can have instant withdrawals without spending much time through the checking process.  Conversion of funds into currencies is also not a problem with NETeller. Automated and secure, NETeller ensures convenience and money to take chances in any gambling sites such as Pokerroom, Casino Tropez, and Pinnacle Sports.  

The convenience of using NETeller can be summarized in three words: safe, fast, and accurate.  Even when you lose your own NETeller card, nobody can gain access to your account and cashout your funds.  Indeed, its security and other enhanced features make NETeller as one of the common payment options available in different gambling sites.