Bodog Casino Games winners

Sun, 02 Dec 2007 18:12

Top Casino Games Winners in November

Bodog is a destination for winning members around the world. Try one of our casino games - and you'll see for yourselves what it's all about!

David P. played some Double Jackpot Video Poker and won himself $38,230.

Darren S. was a little lucky when he scored $83,750 with he's Blackjack skills.

Crystal A. she came out huge with two big paydays from the Food Fight slot totaling $307,596!

Eileen B. playing Food Fight and won $126,733.

Chad P. made himself $27,951 at the Blackjack table.

Bodog Casino Games winners.

Congratulations from team ixgames!!

Regards:  Bodog Casino

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