Online Gambling Blogs Are Great

Thu, 06 Dec 2007 11:29
WHY: because the show american people how to beat the ban!! Since the UIGEA was passed in Congress there is still a massive percentage of Americans that are still gambling online thanks to various blogs (Gambling blog) and websites (Casino Games) set up to show them how to continue gambling. Ixgames is now completely updated for the month of December. (ok ok ok not really ....we are still working on our Sitemap  and Casino Faq  ....just giving 2 - 3 more days then everything is ok) :) Ixgames have provided you a service for US based poker players and online casino users since October 2006 by showing where and how they can still gamble legally at many different online gambling sites. Online Gambling Is Great. Depositing is often the hardest part for US citizens when it comes to playing at these sites, as the UIGEA made it illegal for financial institutions to conduct transactions with gambling sites. However a loophole in the law meant that you could use 3rd party companies known as eWallets to deposit the money instead. It can take upto an hour to wait for the security checks but once completed it is a safe, secure and easy way to deposit money into a casino/poker account. It becomes apparent that many Americans are against this online ban the tide looks to be turning back in the favor of online gambling. There is talk of poker rooms returning to the US market - in fact one large company already has - and Party Poker are said to be very close to reopening for US business. If this were to happen it would signal a massive move towards total legalisation. US based players can legally continue playing at many different online sites!! Regards: Team ixgames