National Problem Gambling Clinic

Tue, 25 Nov 2008 13:20
The first National Problem Gambling Clinic to treat gamblers through therapy and financial advice has been opened in Soho in the West End of London. Gamblers will undergo sessions with psychiatrists, psychologists and debt management experts among others. Families will also be offered therapy to cope with the addiction's impact. (The Clinic will be tested for a year). According to the Gambling Commission more than 250,000 people in Britain last year were found to be problem gamblers and many were from the younger age groups. The clinic's lead consultant psychiatrist Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones said patients will undergo a *unique treatment package* through motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy. The Gambling Commission's survey revealed that men more than women were likely to be addicted. The most popular form of gambling activity was the National Lottery with 57% participating regularly, followed by scratch cards, horse racing and playing on slot machines. (Online gambling was also growing in popularity with 6% using websites to bet). Regards team ixgames (Responsible gambling)