All Slots Casino Slots Tournament

Mon, 28 Sep 2009 09:30
All Slots Casino has 1 Million Euros up for grabs by way of its Grand Slam of Slots Tournament slated to happen between October 22nd and November 2nd. To win an entry ticket into this tournament, players need to download the software from All Slots Casino, register by making a €50 first purchase. With this, they get to enter an exclusive draw that gives them a 1-in-10 chance of earning a free tournament entry ticket. In addition to the ticket, these online slots player also get £200 Welcome Bonus + £5000 Player’s Bonus. A player can get a guaranteed spot in the finals by purchasing an entry ticket directly for €150. The 1st place winner in the All Slots Casino Grand Slam of Slots will win €1 million, the 2nd place winner - €50,000. The third, fourth and fifth placeholders win 25,000, 10,000 and 7,500 respectively. 32 more lucky players will win an additional special prize - €1,000 each. Microgaming is awarding players up to the 450th place!. This is the richest Slot Tournament in the world. Players can win an entry by playing any of the following games - Grand Slam Qualifier, Grand Slam Entry, Grand Slam Ticket, Grand Slam Head to Head, Grand Slam Triple Play, or Grand Slam Final Four. The Qualifier Tournament Schedule, in descending order (with the entry buy-in) is - Grand Slam King of Slots (Free), Grand Slam Loaded $5,000 (Free), Grand Slam €1500 (Free), Grand Slam €500 (€10), Grand Slam Final Four (€40), Grand Slam Triple Play (€50), Grand Slam High Five (€30), Grand Slam Week ($10), Grand Slam Ticket (Free), Grand Slam Entry (Free), Grand Slam $3,500 Treasure Quest (Free), Grand Slam of Slots (Free), Grand Slam Head to Head (€75). With only 8,700 players competing in the finals, for the €1,000,000 Grand Prize, the odds are excellent! The All Slots Casino Grand Slam of Slots Tournament has created tidal waves of interest with the internet slots players’ community. Get your ticket by playing at All Slots Casino.

U.S players restricted from 10th nov -08

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