Bodog poker open 4 and your chance to gain superstar respect

Tue, 20 Oct 2009 03:57
Play tournament poker for a shot at big bucks, big action – and BIG TIME exposure! The search for the next poker superstar starts now. Download bodog poker now to start establish your poker carriere. Dont miss the rest of the bodog poker open IV announcement below. The new Bodog Poker Open IV Championship Series & Bodog Poker Open IV Contender Series comes with all the cash and action you expect from Bodog, PLUS superstar exposure in a major poker magazine and EXTENSIVE coverage on Bodog & Bodog Beat! Two routes to the top, two different series of tournaments to choose from, ONE poker superstar title. The Bodog Poker Open Champion Series and the Bodog Poker Open IV Contender Series both start on Nov. 1st – Nov. 8th. All Championship tournaments have money added to the prize pool, ranging from $2,500 to $25,000, depending on the event. Qualify for as little as $1 and win your way to the Bodog Poker Open IV Championship Series Main Event for a shot at gobs of the green stuff – PLUS you’ll also score a feature spread in a major magazine. What do you think? The money is great, the poker tournament itself is cool because you’ve got  a choice between the Championship and Contender Series – but imagine how AWESOME it would be to have your winning interview in print and online for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people to read? Big time bragging rights and respect! Get in on Bodog Poker Open IV now and become the next Bodog Poker Open Champion. Visit ixgames bodog poker review and think for a second if this event is something for you. If it does, then go ahead and join bodog's unique poker room.

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