Bears to Keep Cutler till 2013

Thu, 22 Oct 2009 06:30
Quarterback Jay Cutler of Chicago Bears agreed to stay on the team until the 2013 season through a 2-year contract extension. His 2006 contract with Broncos is not due to expire until 2011.  Till the 2011 season, he is about to make $20,000,000.  But under the new deal, the Pro Bowl quarterback is set to receive $30,000,000 in new money.  All in all, he will be making about $50,000,000 in five years.  With the help of Cutler's agent, Bus Cook, the Bears quarterback was able to secure guaranteed money in the new deal, amounting to $20,000,000.  The move was made after considering the possible lockout in 2011. Cutler is touted as one of the best quarterbacks to play for Bears and is oftentimes compared to Sid Luckman.  The numbers seem to agree with this, after he led Chicago to victory with a record win of 3-2.  He made a total of 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions while in the run for the lead.  Out of 117 passes, Cutler completed 110 with 1,021 yards, setting a good record of 64.0 completion rate and 240.2 yards passing per game. The Bear quarterback made a good mark this season, leading the Bear to back-to-back victory against Pittsburgh Steelers and Seattle Seahawks.  He set a good record by completing more than 70 percent of the passes.  Cutler also had nine touchdowns, plus three interceptions.  The high passer ratings and consecutive wins resulted in a new multi-million dollar deal for Cutler. The Pro Bowl quarterback first played for Denver Broncos, until he was traded to Chicago Bears in the offseason.  He was the 11th overall draft by Denver in 2006.  His first Pro Bowl happened in the last season.  He was able to set a record of 4,526 yards for Broncos.  However, the disgruntled quarterback got traded to Chicago when he learned about talks of trading him to Tampa Bay.  It was supposed to be a 3-way deal, with Matt Cassel being sent to New England from Denver.  According to Cutler and his agent, Josh McDaniels, the new coach for Denver at that time, did not advise them about it, though Daniels insisted otherwise. Even before the disagreement with Daniels, Cutler was not happy to learn that Mike Shanahan got fired.  It also did not help that Jeremy Bates, position coach, decided to leave for Southern California.  He cut his relationship with Broncos short when he learned about the trade.  With Cutler playing for Chicago Bears, the Broncos got quarterback Kyle Orton. Even in Chicago, there were also talks about a discord between linebacker Brian Urlache and Cutler, though both denied the reports.  On the other hand, wide receiver Devin Hester admitted to taking offense on the comments made by Cutler during the first preseason game.  Apparently, the Pro Bowl quarterback was not happy when the receiver was not able to break up an interception in a game against Buffalo. Despite a possible rift among co-players, Cutler was warmly accepted by the local fans and seemed to have gottten along well with coaches and his teammates.

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