Phillies leads the series, 3-1

Thu, 22 Oct 2009 01:55
Philadelphia Phillies finally scores 3 in the series.  One more, and they can grab the World Series title. The man who sealed the win for Game 4 was Jimmy Rollins (#11) through a ninth-inning double.  "He lined a two-run double with two outs in the ninth." Phillies then got past their series rival Los Angeles Dodgers, setting to win the NL Champsionship Series game at 5-4. Even with the recent win, the pressure is high for Philadelphia Phillies.  They are hoping to win a back-to-back series title as the defending champion.  Game 5 will be held at their home ground, and Rollins himself is feeling the pressure. It was not an easy win for Phillies.  It all started with an out in the ninth.  This is when pinch-hitter Matt Stairs (#12) "walked on four pitches. During last year's NLCS Game 4, Stairs had a two-run homer against Jonathan Broxton #351). While Broxton threw a pitch at Carlos Ruiz (#51), Greg Dobbs (#19) made it possible to loop a soft liner to third.  This resulted in the second out.  Rollins was able to rip the fast ball, surprisingly, to right-center.  With Andre Ethie (#16) of Los Angeles Dodgers throwing the ball to the infield, Ruiz was able to run home without any play since the throw was too high.  It actually went off line. Rollins then rounded second with pride.  At this time, his team got excited for the win, relieved that they were able to emerge victorious for Game 4.  All they need now is one more win to be named the series champion, two years in a row. Rollins had to take playful punches from his teammates who were too ecstatic about the game.  He had to curl up after being mobbed by his team, though he himself was obviously in the mood for an early celebration. It was one of the exciting endings in the history of Phillies games, since it is rare to hit a walk-off.  This is when the team is just one out away from losing but is able to make an extra-base hit.  Aside from Rollins, the two other guys who were able to accomplish this are Kirk Gibson of Los Angeles Dodgers in 1988 and Cookie Lavagetto of Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Kirk Gibson was a former National League MVP (1988).  He is popular for the "clutch home run" during the 1988 World Series Game 1.  On the other hand, Cookie Lavagetto was a pinch hitter who became popular when he pulled off a double in Game 4 of the World Series in 1947, which led the team to victory over New York Yankees. With the unexpected finish in Game 4, much is to be expected from Game 5.  Philadelphia Phillies can grab the championship tile early on, or have Los Angeles Dodgers challenge them for another match.

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