PKR Reinvents Their Tournament Schedule

Fri, 30 Oct 2009 06:01
PKR is one of the leading online Poker sites – if you’re someone who likes to actually hone their Poker skills and get into the action online rather than just catch events on TV, then this is one site that you’re probably aware of.  The website is known for its tournament variety and amazing graphics offered as part of the Poker Room, but now they’ve reinvented their tournament schedule to offer players even more variety, and increase the stakes, since tournaments once offered more rarely are now available weekly! In order to expand their appeal to non-European based players who are eligible to join the site and enter the tournaments, PKR has also introduced tournaments that are better suited to their schedules. The PKR Masters Tournament was their flagship Poker tournament, with a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 this tournament was only available to players once a month. PKR poker has since decided to allow players to get involved in this tournament more often by hosting it every other Saturday. The opportunities to win have therefore increased, and the guaranteed put remains the same. An all new tournament has also been introduced and it will run on the weeks when the Masters Tournament does not. This tournament is geared towards high-rollers with a $500 buy-in and a $30,000 guaranteed pot. Also added to the schedule are the Canadian Open Tournament and the Australian Open Tournament. The primary purpose of these is to allow non-European players to get involved in tournaments that are offered at hours that make sense to their time zones.  The Canadian Open is reserved for Canadian players are takes place daily, with a $30 buy-in and the potential to win $30,000 from the guaranteed prize pool. The Australian Open is also a daily tournament that follows the same format that the Canadian version does, including the option for $2 rebuys. A large number of additional satellite tournaments have also been included in PKRs schedule, and a great deal of other tournament options including additions to games like Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Low. Check out the PKR schedule to see everything that they’ve done to reinvent their tournament schedules and give you more playing options than ever!

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