UK Poker Stars Start Preparing for the First UKIPT Event

Thu, 05 Nov 2009 00:09
Poker Stars is already the biggest online Poker Room, but they’re well on their way to complete world domination, especially now that they’ve announced that they will host a UK and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) set to begin in December. Qualifying for the main event, players can engage in a number of different tournaments, with the first one taking place in Galway on December 11th; with the main event beginning in Manchester as of February 11th. Since this is a major tournament endorsed and run by Poker Stars, the expectation is that a large number of professional players and celebrities will join in on the fun, including pros sponsored by Poker Stars like Coren and Teddy Sheringham. Since Ireland is also home to a number of big name Poker players, Poker Stars is hoping that the likes of Andy Black (who finished 5th in 2005’s World Series of Poker final event), Liam Flood, Noel Furlong (bracelet winner), Ciarán O’Leary, Marty Smyth, and Padraig Parkinson. For those interested in getting involved in Poker Stars’ UKIPT event for its first year running, the schedule is as follows: UKIPT Galway (Ireland): December 11th to 14th Radisson Hotel €2,000 buy-in (9% juice) UKIPT Manchester (United Kingdom): February 11th to 14th Grosvenor G Casino £500+50 buy-in UKIPT Coventry (United Kingdom): April 8th to 11th Grosvenor G Casino £500+50 buy-in UKIPT Nottingham (United Kingdom): May 13th to 16th Dusk Till Dawn £500+50 buy-in UKIPT Killarney (Ireland): June 24th to 27th Gleneagles €1,000+100 buy-in UKIPT Brighton (United Kingdom): July 15th to 18th Rendezvous £1,000+100 buy-in UKIPT Scotland: TBA Venue is TBA £1,000+100 buy-in UKIPT Dublin (Ireland): September 9th to 12th Burlington Hotel €1,000+100 buy-in UKIPT London (United Kingdom): October 1st to 10th Hilton Metropole £5,000+250 buy-in To make the stakes even higher, following the main event, the top 100 players from the UKIPT leader board will be invited to participate in a $10,000 freeroll tournament; which will also give the top players sponsorship for the next event taking place the following year! Poker Stars is hoping that the introduction of this new event will appeal not only to the professionals in their network, but also those players looking to get involved in a major tournament, that aren’t in a position to travel abroad to various destinations. With Poker Stars’ online appeal expanding worldwide, this will without a doubt be a well-received event!

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