Cada Defeats Moon in the WSOP Main Event

Wed, 11 Nov 2009 05:50
Most thought that Darvin Moon was an automatic shoe-in for this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event due to his history at the table, so many were surprised when last night Joe Cada was the one to claim the title! Last night’s final event began around 10:30 PST following a ceremony to recognize the November Nine. The game was exciting right from the beginning, with Moon putting in 10 million after the first flop, causing Cada to call. Moon played aggressively throughout the main event, and it seemed as though the title was going to be a sure thing when after the first 21 hands, Moon had been victorious in 14 of them. In order to even the playing field, Cada started playing a little more aggressively, putting 3 million down on the table, his biggest bet in the game. Remaining true to his aggressive strategy, Moon went all in on this bet, leading Cada to call. Fortunately, for Cada, this move was to his advantage, since at the flop, he had the stronger hand found himself the chip leader with 108 million chips to his name. His luck continued, and a mere 8 hands after he found himself in the lead, Cada found himself in a position to seize the table with his second pair of pocket nines of the night, over Moon’s Queen. The competition was as suspenseful and exciting in the end as it was towards the beginning. Cada was only two hands away from the title, and there was little that Moon could do to put the game back to his advantage. After the win went to Cada, both players shook hands and the World Series of Poker Commissioner appeared to congratulate Moon for a tournament well played, and presented Cada with his bracelet and feeling $8.5 million richer. At only 21 years old, and the newest PokerStars sponsored player, this year’s WSOP main event title went to Joe Cada! Prize money for final table Joe Cada $8.5 million Darvin Moon $5.1 million Antoine Saout $3.4 million Eric Buchman $2.5 million Jeff Shulman $1.9 million Steven Begleiter $1.5 million Phil Ivey $1.4 million Kevin Schaffel $1.3 million James Akenhead $1.2 million

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