Joe Cada Shares his Thoughts About the Big Win

Sat, 14 Nov 2009 09:26
Joe Cada overcame the odds at this season’s World Series of Poker main event, even though many were rooting for the underdog Darvin Moon. Although 21 year old Cada appears ecstatic about the win, event accepting his bracelet on Monday night with tears in his eyes, there are a few things the Cada says he would have done differently. In an interview with PokerNews, Joe Cada says there were parts of his game that disappointed him, and not surprisingly, one of his regrets is the way the game played out early on. Cada says that during the main event he would have preferred to acquire a higher chip lead to feel like he was doing more than just hanging on for the first 10 or 12 hours of the competition. However, now that we know the results, it’s pretty clear that he didn’t need any additional advantage to walk away with the title! Cada also discusses how tough the competition at the final table was when he was up against Darvin Moon, with neither player taking any bad beats and Cada getting lucky with a couple of good bluffs that were never called, and also didn’t happen to make the ESPN airing, though he wishes that they did! Overall, Cada says he was slightly disappointed at how the game rolled out early on, but definitely wasn’t disappointed in the way that he played. Critics of Poker definitely agree as well, Cada has earned a number of rankings throughout the tournament for having the most memorable or strongest hands during the progression since the World Series of Poker started, and while that certainly will help his ego and image, nothing beats the bracelet win! What were your favorite hands of the WSOP competition from the very beginning to the main event? Do you think that Cada deserved the title, or would you disagree that none of his plays were disappointing throughout the series?

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