Kobe Scores His 100th 40-Point Game in a Win Over the Pistons

Fri, 20 Nov 2009 11:01
Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, players in the National Basketball Association.  While players like Dwayne Wade and LeBron James are definitely giving Kobe a run for his money, the numbers and the accolades simply don't lie.  In his last game, when the Lakers faced the Detroit Pistons, Kobe set yet another personal record.  Bryant went on a tier, scoring 40 points against the Pistons, making it the 100th game in his NBA career wherein he scored 40 points or more.  Now, it's no surprise that Kobe can score 40 points, but the fact that it is his 100th career game do make it something special as he joined a league of NBA legends in the record books.  Read on for a quick recap of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Detroit Pistons, as well as some NBA trivia about Kobe's 100th 40-point game. Recap of the Pistons vs. Lakers game When the Detroit Pistons flew over to Los Angeles to face the Lakers at Staples Center, they probably had no idea that it would be a game that would go down in NBA history.  As Kobe Bryant and the Lakers sought to avoid their third-straight loss, however, it became a night to remember.  In the first quarter, the game was evenly matched, with the Lakers only outscoring the Pistons 23-22 at the end of the quarter.  In the second quarter, the Lakers were able to increase their lead to 15 points to take a 57-42 lead going into the half.  The Lakers continued with the onslaught in the third quarter, building up a commanding 25-point lead.  Going into the fourth quarter, the score was at 88-63, but the Pistons did make a strong surge to try and close in on the Laker lead.  The Pistons were able to score 30 points while holding the Lakers to only 18, but it wasn't  enough to win the game.  The Lakers won 106-93, avoiding their third consecutive loss, thanks to powerful performances by Andrew Bynum and, the man of the hour, Kobe Bryant. Kobe's 100th 40-point game With the time winding down, Kobe had already had a very respectable 37 points in the game, but it seemed as though Kobe was destined to score his 100th 40-point game that night.  With only 19 seconds left in regulation, Kobe pulled up for a three-pointer, sinking the shot and bringing his scoring total up to 40 points for the game.  With his unstoppable performance, Kobe joined a league of NBA legends in the record books.  Kobe Bryant now holds third place for the most 40-point games in NBA history.  Who are the two ahead of him?  They are none other than Michael Jordan with 173 40-point games and Wilt Chamberlain with a whopping 271 40-point games.  Although it's unlikely that Kobe will be beating Chamberlain's record, he is in good company and he may just have a shot at making it to the second place on the list if he can top Jordan's record.

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