Want an Exciting Week in Sports Betting?

Sat, 28 Nov 2009 09:15
For anyone who is looking for the most exciting scenarios in sports betting this week, nothing comes close to betting in the NFL.  NFL fans will have a field day this week as the schedule of games is action-packed, starting off with three games for the Thanksgiving weekend starting on Thursday.  Let’s look at the three games and try to see which teams are going to rake in the bucks: The New York Giants vs. the Denver Broncos In the match-up between the New York Giants and the Denver Broncos, the Giants are expected to triumph over the Broncos with a -6.5 margin.  The dismal performance of the Broncos has caused the team to plummet in the standings.  Internal team politics have seen players and staff assigning fault to each other.  In three straight games, they are allowed 174 or more yards, not making them effective in stopping the run well any longer.  The Giants, meanwhile, equipped with power runners like Chris Simms and Kyle Orton, are not expected to face much opposition from the Broncos, a team that, at this point, does not have what it takes to stop them.  The starting line-up is not that relevant, as the Giants are heavily favored on this match. The Green Bay Packers vs. the Detroit Lions In the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, the Packers are expected to triumph (no line) over the Lions for two reasons: Aaron Rodgers (of the Packers) and Matthew Stafford (of the Lions).  Rodgers is expected to have a grand performance since (1) the opposing team is not really known for its skills in pressuring the quarterback of the other team, and (2) he is currently enjoying a great season, with a touchdown to interception ratio of 19:5.  Meanwhile, the quarterback of the Lions, Stafford, is expected to beg off from the game due to his clavicle injury.  Thus, only the Packers QB is expected to reign supreme in this match. The Dallas Cowboys vs. the Oakland Raiders The Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders game should prove to be interesting, as both teams have come from victories the past week.  The Raiders triumphed over the Cincinnati Bengals, thanks to field goals with only 15 seconds left in the game.  The Cowboys, meanwhile, barely escaped the Washington Redskins.  With the Raiders filled with confidence and their pass defense, which should be the ingredient to beat the other team, they should prove to be a challenge against Dallas.  Adding to this is Tony Romo’s annual lackadaisical performance towards every end of the season.  The bet’s still on Dallas, but don’t be surprised if Oakland pulls an upset in visitor territory. The Buffalo Bills versus the Miami Dolphins Sunday’s NFL matches include the Buffalo Bills versus the Miami Dolphins, which is quite tricky.  Despite the Bill’s terrible performance, you can bet on them.  The Dolphins always seem to contract in cold weather and  Jason Ferguson (nose tackle) is out on injury.  Besides, there are instances when Dolphins win when they’re the underdog and lose when they have the upper hand.

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