A good handful of winners at Bodog Casino

Tue, 01 Dec 2009 15:47
There has not been a single day in the history of the Bodog Casino where our customer service specialists haven't celebrated at least a good handful of winners. Considering the online casino has been a main component of Bodog for over 15 years now, you can well imagine how many winners have walked away with a sizable sum. Blackjack Stack Event at Bodog Casino is on! Play online blackjack from now until Dec. 12th and you could win additional prizes!! Whether they're playing online blackjack, online slots, online roulette - or any number of other online casino games offered at Bodog Casino, our players are not only having a great time for their entertainment dollar, but they are also winning money, too. And on that note, the Bodog Beat congratulates each and every winner, including the following: * Adam M. of TX won $9,502 playing Blackjack. * Gerald U. of NM won $9,161 playing Keno. * Mike P. of VA won $8,606 playing Roulette. * Andrew M. of WV won $7,425 playing Blackjack. * Ryan P. of WA won $6,296 playing Blackjack. * Shelly L. of OR won $6,060 playing Outta This World. * Howard G. of TX won $5,852 playing Caesar’s Empire. * Jennifer Y. of CA won $5,367 playing Dirty Martini. * Sonia P. of AZ won $5,296 playing Goldbeard. * Joseph S. of NJ won $4,708 playing Caesar’s Empire. * Ryan C. of OH won $16,254 playing Crystal Waters * Curtis R. of MA won $11,451 playing Blackjack. * Bruce A. of OK won $11,417 playing Paradise Dreams. * Erin T. of TX won $9,310 playing Blackjack. * Scott B. of WI won $8,400 playing Blackjack. * Mike P. of VA won $7,893 playing Blackjack. * Christopher L. of NY won $5,991 playing Blackjack. * Phillip L. of TN won $5,596 playing Double Double Jackpot Poker. * Michael F. of BC won $5,326 playing 7’s and Stripes. * Corey M. of South Dakota won $13,184 on Caribbean Hold ‘em Poker.. * Michael P. of Virginia won $12,481 at Bodog’s Blackjack tables. * California’s John D. also won big at the Blackjack tables, taking home $11,976. * Kim F. from Maine won $11,476 on the Bodog slot Paradise Dreams. * Florida’s Katherine A. won $8,951 on 7’s and stripes. * Christopher L. from New York won $7,546 at the Blackjack tables. * Tennessee’s Walter P. walked away from Paradise Dreams with $6,629. * Curtis R. from Massachusetts won $5,725 at the Blackjack tables. * Michigan’s Dan L. won $4,815 on Cleopatra’s Gold. * California’s Steven S. won $3,925 on Diamond Mine Deluxe. * Joshua M. from MA walked away with $25,658 playing Blackjack. * Christopher L. from NY won $13,415 playing Blackjack. * Michelle S. from MO won $12,135 playing Enchanted Garden. * John M. from OH won $9,814 and $4,478 playing Fruit Frenzy and Mister Money respectively. * Jon P. from OR won $9,481 playing Caesar’s Empire. * Curtis R. from MA won $6,113 while playing Blackjack. * Pat B. from WI won $5,739 playing Joker Poker. * Robert B. from CA won $4,875 playing Blackjack. * Ron B. from CA won $4,433 playing European Blackjack. * Toni S. of IL won $15,882 playing Tri Card Poker. * George C. of NJ won big $8,725 on the Blackjack tables. * Michelle S. of MO shined at Diamond Mine Deluxe taking home $4,450. * Dan R. of NJ joked his way to the bank, winning $3,813 at Joker Poker. * Phillip L. of TN picked $3,450 of winnings in Pick Em Poker. * Brenda R. of OH saw the green, earning $3,445 at Green Light. * Brian V. of MI won $3,353 at the Blackjack tables. * Mark F. of TX took home $3,203 playing Blackjack. * Eric S. of CA won $3,203 trying to make 21 at Blackjack. * Joanne N. of CA won $2,915 playing Double Double Bonus Poker. Blackjack seems to be treating the players well lately. Head over to Bodog's online casino to try it out for yourself, or you're welcome to try any one of your other favorite online casino games.

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