Lakers Gain 9th Straight Win against Suns

Tue, 08 Dec 2009 22:42
It was another home game for the Lakers as they cruised past the Suns in an easy victory on a recent game. The game was decided when Ron Artest started to harass Amare Stoudemire and caused a turnover. The Los Angeles Lakers, now with the best record in the league (with a 16-3 record), made the game a known win since the first quarter of play. They had an 11-point lead in the first quarter and also made six 3-pointers in the first half alone. Before halftime, the score was at 54-44 because of late 3-pointers made by Derek Fisher and Ron Artest. Kobe is still the man Kobe Bryant is still the man after making the miracle shot two nights ago against Miami, giving them a win with a 1-point lead. It was one of the most amazing shots this game has to offer. This time, the Lakers didn’t need another one of those lucky shots because they had the Suns in their grip the moment the game started. Bryant scored 26 points and the new addition Ron Artest added 15 points and five steals to pump up the Lakers defense. Artest’s defense sparked the 15-1 run late in the third quarter, giving them a 23-point lead. Bryant had nine points in the third quarter and a three-pointer to take their lead to 21. The Suns never gave up in the fourth even though Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, and Grant Hill were on the bench. They put the lead back down to 14 until Shannon Brown came up with back-to-back 3-pointers, contributing 12 points for the Lakers. Lakers cruising with Gasol’s return Pau Gasol has really changed the Lakers as a team two seasons ago after being traded to the Lakers from Memphis. The Lakers are now 8-0 when Pau returned after a hamstring injury. There is no partying for the Lakers according to Pau since they’ve only had home games and he wanted to see this type of play while they’re away from home. The Lakers already beat the Phoenix Suns in their first meeting during a previous game, winning at 121-102, without Pau Gasol who was out with a hamstring injury. Home court disadvantage? Having all your games early in the season at home is not always an advantage. Sure the crowd cheers for you and you might get used to it. But how about when you’re away? This is what the Lakers are going to have to face later this year. They have more than 40 percent of their home games finished by Friday and they’ll be on the road after that. Minnesota is the team to beat on Friday and after that, 19 of their next 28 games are on the road. This is where the Lakers are going to be tested if they are still fit to be the defending champs this season.

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