Spanish Football Heats up the Betting Scene

Thu, 24 Dec 2009 10:26
Perhaps the most exciting arena in the field of sports betting these days is the European football.  With the competitiveness of each country, bettors are sure to get sheer excitement, not to mention profits, from one of these football leagues.  The World Cup in South Africa is also fast approaching, which is why football fever is on the rise. A look at La Liga In recent polls, the English Premier League (EPL) reigns supreme as one of the world’s most famous league.  La Liga, Spain’s own football league, is the second most popular.  The popularity of the Spanish soccer league is largely due to the long-standing rivalry between two of the league’s most established teams – Real Madrid and Barcelona.  In this year’s league, Barcelona seemed to have its attention divided between the league and its performance in the World Club Cup.  With this development, Real Madrid aims to take over the lead from their distracted rivals.  With recent victory over Zaragoza, a team that has been relegated to the bottom of the standings, Real Madrid is all propped up to wrestle the overall lead of the league. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Barcelona is currently in the United Arab Emirate of Abu Dhabi playing the weekend against the Argentine team of Estudiantes.  While they are busy playing with foreign teams, Real Madrid’s mission to close in on them was accomplished, destroying their visitors Zaragoza, 6-0.  Now with the same number of games played, Real Madrid is now just two points behind leader Barcelona. The last time Barca and Real Madrid faced each other, called the “Clasico,” bettors on The Merengues (the Real Madrid team) were a bit on the disadvantage since they lost.  However, things are looking up with the team since they have won their last three games.  In their last match against Valencia, they did not even have their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, since he was suspended. Other teams in the league The rest of the league may also be counting on the lack of focus of the league leader.  Valencia, who was the latest casualty to the resurgence of Real Madrid, is up for another challenge when it comes up against a reenergized Deportivo La Coruna.  Valencia is currently 11 points behind Barcelona, and the odds of them actually winning may be too close to call in this last game of 2009.  Sevilla took advantage of Valencia's loss and moved up to third place.  The next team Sevilla will face will be Getafe.  Sevilla, who is only 9 points behind Barcelona, still has a lot of catching up to do, though, as the odds are still against them when they will be up against the top two squads.  Even their star striker Frederic Kanoute has expressed anxiety that they might not catch up with the two leaders. La Liga will be filled with more exciting action as the finals close in during the middle of 2010, guaranteeing odds watchers a more thrilling year ahead.

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