Bet on the Olympics in the Bodog Sportsbook

Thu, 11 Feb 2010 09:09
If you're trying to get to the Olympics but you're broke there are a few options you have to save some money. Hotels in the city are over-booked and very expensive, but if you're willing to listen to a sales pitch for an hour or two you could always opt to go on a condo vacation. These stupid things offer very cheap accommodations, and a bunch of freebies, in the hope that you'll buy a condo. But if you're a true cheap bastard you won't mind the sales hassle. The city of Vancouver does not have as many fast food restaurants as your average U.S. city. Most on-the-go food is located in small cafes and can come in a wide variety of tastes. But if you're a real cheap bastard you can go to the Vancouver Community College restaurant and cafeteria run by the Culinary Arts students. You can get excellent, healthy, and really cheap cafeteria food most of the day. Get your Olympic Odds in the Bodog Sportsbook! You may be lucky!!

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