Biggest win record in Britain

Tue, 16 Feb 2010 11:36
A lucky British couple won the country’s biggest ever lottery win standing at a massive £56 million on Friday’s EuroMillions draw. The logic behind internet gambling in Britain and gambling in any form, anywhere in the world for that matter, is to make big money through chance. The idea that one can win more money than he or she will know what to do with, by risking very little and taking no time at all can drive people wild. People continue to gamble, because it’s thrilling and there’s proof on a daily basis that players win major amounts of cash by doing so. One extreme example of this can currently be found in Cirencester, England. According to British gambling law lotteries and basically all other forms of gambling are legal. The larger part of the British population gambles on a regular basis. As a result, the lotteries jackpot’s can be seen standing at jaw-dropping sums. Justine Laycock, from Cirencester just won a life-changing £56.6 million playing Euro-Millions lottery. Justine, 40, lives with her partner and 2 children and has at this point won the largest prize to ever be recorded in Britain. The lottery is not the only popular form of gambling in the UK. As a matter of fact, bingo and internet bingo in Britain are also very popular. Though the sums that are won through internet bingo are nothing in comparison to what Mrs. Laycock has won, they are won much more frequently. Mrs. Laycock must appear at a press conference to be officially named the winner of this amazing prize. At that point she will be informed of how the money will be distributed along with other such details. Nevertheless, from this point on, she will have significantly less to worry about. Her colleagues express that she will be greatly missed at work.

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