Hawaii may Legalise Gambling

Sun, 21 Feb 2010 14:26
Hawaii are considering legalising gambling, transforming the sunny location into a warmer and altogether more tropical Las Vegas. The Los Angeles Times has reported that Hawaii’s billion dollar budget deficit, along with other factors such as employment opportunities, has led authorities to begin discussing the possibilities of legalising gambling in the state. Currently, Hawaii is one of only two states in which gambling is illegal, but critics have suggested that the state’s reputation as a *family friendly* location may be tarnished if casino resorts are introduced. It’s believed that if gambling is legalised in Hawaii, the state will provide stiff competition for Las Vegas. Hawaiian residents often travel to Las Vegas in order to gamble, but if casinos were available in their state, it’s believed they’d be less likely to make a trip to Sin City. Due to its geographical location, Hawaii would also be better positioned to cater for high-rollers from Asia, a demographic Las Vegas has been keen to attract. While discussions are just beginning, it’s believed the majority of residents are open to the possibility of legalising and regulating gambling in the state. Hawaii has always been known for its sun, sand and surf. It may soon add another attraction: slots.

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