John Terry Performance Affected by Personal Life Drama?

Sat, 27 Feb 2010 13:47
Bettors on Chelsea and the England soccer team in general may have to be more cautious in placing their money as one of the key players on the team, John Terry, seem to be suffering from a tumultuous personal life.  The backlash on his character, particularly because of his family situation that has been revealed to the public, has shown to have an effect on his playing. A huge blow was finally witnessed in the football world when Inter Milan player Diego Milito won a match-winning goal, scoring it so easily without Terry providing any fight at all.  With this declining performance, bettors on the team Terry should be worried, as the drama seems to further unfold with no end still in sight. The cash scandal The negative news on Terry began a week before Christmas when an English tabloid published a story on the player allegedly giving training ground tours at £10,000 without the consent of his club, Chelsea.  The news was offset by a satisfying performance by Terry on the same day the news item was published.  He drew a match with West Ham.  The next six matches were equally notable, as Terry captained his team to a draw with Birmingham and five successive victories. The alleged affair The negative publicity was close to being swept under the rug when five weeks later, on January 29th, a news item broke out that attacked Terry’s personal life, this time.  He was allegedly in an affair with Vanessa Perroncel, a former girlfriend of Wayne Bridge, who was also a former Chelsea player.  Aggravating the situation was the fact that Perroncel is also the mother of a child with Bridge, and of course, Terry has his own family. The next day at Burnley, the booing and negative reaction to Terry began.  The player did not look that affected, and he was only called for a foul on the halfway line.  Before the match, Terry turned bitter into sweet by becoming the hero and scoring a goal. The heroic run was not to last long as the Sunday papers were in a mad dash to publish the Terry-Perroncel affair, complete with more revelations and more details about Terry’s other dubious behavior. Losing the title as captain The world of John Terry took a huge blow when out of nowhere, England team manager Fabio Capello, in a short meeting at Wembley revealed that his team has a new captain, Rio Ferdinand.  This left the embattled Terry with more bad taste in his mouth.  Terry showed fighting form though, as he led Chelsea to another win over Arsenal days after losing the captainship. Terry showing signs of mental fatigue In February 11, the first signs of mental fatigue were seen in Terry as Everton won over Chelsea.  The next day, Terry took a leave from his team and went to Dubai to meet his wife.  For that, he missed an FA match, which his team won over Cardiff.  He came back to playing where he showed signs of rustiness.  Goalkeeper Petr Cech saved him from embarrassment, as Chelsea won the match.  Finally, on February 24, the Milito goal exposed the toll everything seemed to take on Terry, as that goal was done so easily, as though Terry wasn’t into the game. Bettors should definitely not miss betting on the Saturday match, where Chelsea will face Manchester City.  This will be the first match after the extramarital scandal when Terry will play against someone he may not actually be excited to see, Wayne Bridge.

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