Orton Happy about McDaniel’s Confidence in Him

Sat, 10 Apr 2010 13:27
As the Denver Broncos have acquired Brady Quinn, Kyle Orton expresses how this move will make the team much more solid in the next seasons to come. Open admiration Orton, however, has bigger plans than simply admiring him from a distance. Quinn was brought over to their team from Cleveland on March 14, and Orton has publicly expressed some comments about the acquisition. He also stated his appreciation as to how coach Josh McDaniels emerged and assured him that he is still his starter. While a few changes are to be expected in the future, Orton admits that his concern now does not center on any competition with Quinn as a quarterback, but more on his improvement while playing for the team for the second season. Orton also plans on participating in the offseason program for the Broncos, and not primarily because Quinn has already joined the team. Being the team leader, he feels the need to take part in the program, although being a free agent, he has not signed any exclusive contract yet, more specifically his $2.621 million tender. Orton maintains that Quinn’s addition to the team has not done any alterations on his work ethic whatsoever. He recognizes the need for the team to improve its offense, and he also knows that if he is not with the team, that would be an impossible feat to accomplish. Room for improvement It was one year ago during a Jay Cutler trade that Orton arrived in Denver from Chicago, and was able to enjoy a full season for the team. While he was able to throw for a total of 21 touchdowns and 3,802 yards, the Broncos missed the playoffs again at 8-8. Orton admits that there is certainly some room left for improvement, especially with the fact that they were not able to join the playoffs the previous year. He also said that he plans on becoming a more formidable leader and being able to improve on his decision-making skills on the field. Orton believes that he can improve on his leadership capabilities immensely. He believes that in order to get a good offense, he must be able to exact it from everyone and even from himself as well. He knows he demands perfection out of his team and that goes without saying that everybody on the offense should be able to provide for this as well. His second goal is to take this offense to an even higher dimension, making the most out of each play and making sure that they are able to achieve their goals, one objective after another. McDaniels had been bent on focusing on defense, completing his lineup with the likes of Justin Bannan, Jarvis Green, and Jamal Williams. However, he was not able to make serious adjustments with his offense, losing Casey Wiegmann to Kansas City. For the offseason, the acquisition of Quinn counts as one of the biggest offensive moves ever.

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