Tigers Beat New York, Ex-Yankee Crucial to the Win

Fri, 14 May 2010 09:14
It was a low pitch over the right field fence that clinched the victory for the Tigers, one that the New York Yankees recognized so clearly, thanks to Johnny Damon. The ex-Yankee This is the very first time that Damon, who is now an ex-Yankee, executed his winning move while fighting against New York. The New York Yankees did not re-sign Damon for another contract, and in his first game for the Tigers, he hit a homer and scored victory for his new team on Monday night at 5-4. Joe Girardi, manager for the New York Yankees, knows how Damon executes these moves quite often. Meanwhile, it was Austin Jackson who gave a 3-run lead for Detroit during the second inning, with Phil Coke getting two key outs in opposition to the Yankees after Damon’s winning execution. Austin Jackson had once been a prospect for the Yankees, while Phil Coke is another ex-Yankee. Not motivated to show off Joel Zumaya, a teammate, expresses how the three players were really pumped up while playing for their new team. However, Damon insists that he had not been driven by the need to show off to the Yankees. He says he is not the type of person who takes pride in those things. Damon signed a four-year deal with the Yankees, which earned him $52 million, concluding last year when he helped score the World Series victory for the New York team. As much as Damon wanted to stay in the team for longer, earning the same range of salary, the Yankees did not see much value in him, reducing their salary offer due to payroll limitations. Damon knows his name will always be associated with the 27th championship. When the Yankees took in Curtis Granderson from Detroit as center fielder, they offered him a bigger salary, with Jackson and Coke joining Detroit. Although intended for the short term, the deal had been considered favorable for the Tigers. In the third inning, the two-run home by Mark Teixeira helped New York immensely but any chances for higher scores were cut short. The victory In three innings, Brad Thomas of Detroit Tigers gave up two runs, while Eddie Bonine was able to pitch 2 1-3 scoreless innings. After having pitched successfully for 1 2-3 innings, Zumaya surrendered two runs on 3 hits and 2 walks. In the fifth, Damon hit a solo shot, placing Detroit as the frontrunner at 4-2. Johnny Damon has signed a one-year deal with Detroit, at $8 million.

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