Silk Bingo wants to pay your bills

Thu, 27 May 2010 08:08
Call them crazy, but Silk Bingo wants to pay your bills!  At Silk Bingo, three lucky bingo players can play bingo and win the opportunity to have some of their utility bills paid for the month. To have your gas, electricity, and water bills paid by Silk Bingo on your behalf, simply look out for the gas, water and electricity pattern bingo games at Silk Bingo and if you are the lucky winner, you get a break from your bills on Silk Bingo’s dime. On top of the utility bills bingo games, Silk Bingo runs regular games that reward players with special prizes and extra cash.  Players who bingo the most on special patterns over the weekend often win special prizes like picnic packages and those who play the most bingo games can win additional bingo money.  So be sure to play at Silk Bingo to win some nice and special prizes, extra cash, or to get a break from some of your household bills. About Silk Bingo You will find 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games at Silk Bingo, along with some fun, unique, and exciting promotions.  When playing at Silk Bingo, you can choose from a strong selection of bingo games, slots games, instant games, scratch cards, and table games.  Silk Bingo uses the Dragonfish platform to deliver games to its players and 888’s Dragonfish is regarded as the best online bingo games platform on the market.  So get started playing at Silk Bingo now and get 20 free bingo cards along with a 100% up to £100 bonus now.

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