Lakers Take the Lead in the Finals at 2-1

Tue, 08 Jun 2010 10:33
Lakers' Derek Fisher was unstoppable in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.  He gave Ray Allen a hard time, made big shots in the final quarter, and made sure that the LA Lakers will lead the series 2-1 after beating the Boston Celtics with a score of 91-84. Lakers coach Phil Jackson can't help but notice how Fisher made a bold play whenever there's an opening.  He seems always ready to take key shots.  Aside from good offense, Fisher also made a great job on Allen who failed at his 13 field goal attempts, a far-cry from his Game 2 offense, where he made a total of 32 points.  During those lackluster plays and misses, it was Fisher who was heavily guarding Allen, putting pressure on the Celtics player. Although Kobe Bryant made 29 points, he wasn't able to make as much in the final quarter, and this is when Fisher took over and helped the team make a run for the 7-point lead in Game 3.  Bryant was apparently amazed by his teammate's performance and said that "he makes big plays and that was "Derek being Derek." Rallying for the 2-1 lead in the Finals Bryant scored 25 points in the first three quarters but slowed down in the fourth period and added only four points.  For the first 10 minutes, he didn't make any score.  But luckily, Fisher was on fire and contributed four baskets at a time when the Celtics are breaking the 17-point of the Lakers to one point. During the last few minutes in the game, it seemed like there's nothing that can come between Fisher and the basket--not even a hard foul.  Though there are three Celtics coming after him, Fisher made sure that he would have his fifth basket in the last period and took it further into a three-point play to end Game 3 with a score of 91-84. Fisher finished off with a total of 16 points, while Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum each made 10 rebounds.  On the other hand, Celtics' Kevin Garnett made 25 points after scoring only 6 points in the previous game.  Allen, however, showed a steep drop in offense after missing 13 FG attempts in Game 3.   Doc Rivers, Celtics coach, said that Allen will be back soon and would be hitting the gym in preparation for the next game.  He's not too worried saying that these things happen in basketball. Although the cheering crowd filled the TD Garden with "beat LA" chants, it was not enough for the Celtics to get past their bad offense with low field goals.  It seemed like the Lakers are ready to take the lead in Game 3 with Kobe Bryant saying the the Celtics obviously made a run but wasn't able to control the game.  They sealed key shots when they're needed most. The Celtics coach then admitted that the hero of the night is obviously Derek Fisher, who helped win Game 3 for the LA Lakers.  When Bryant was slowing down, it was Fisher who took over, according to Rivers. Game 4 of the NBA Finals is set to take place in Boston, Thursday night.

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