Winners in the Bodog Casino

Thu, 10 Jun 2010 09:18
It’s all fun and games at the Bodog Casino especially when it comes to announcing our latest online casino winners. Congratulations to Tyler L. of Ontario who won $74,621 playing Let ‘Em Ride over the weekend as well as Brad G. of Florida who won $16,608 playing Cleopatra’s Gold online slot machine. These are two of the many winners who we are sure had a fabulous weekend after discovering their Bodog casino winnings. So the big question is how do you actually join Bodog’s list of casino winners? Well there’s no exact formula but gaining a bit of experience playing our casino games and having fun has a whole lot to do with it. So go ahead, take a shot and maybe we’ll see your name included in our next list of winners. Here are the rest of our Bodog Casino winners: 1) Terry W. of Texas won $13,405 playing Cleopatra’s Gold. 2) William D. of Atlanta won $12,074 playing CStudPoker. 3) Kyle K. of Illinois won $9,003 playing BlackJack. 4) Jonathan B. of Indiana won $8,939 playing BlackJack. 5) Jodie F. of Hawaii won $7,359 playing Keno. 6) Glenn W. of Georgia won $5,877 playing Aztec’s Treasure. 7) Richard B. of California won $5,732 playing BlackJack. 8) Frank L. of California won $ 5,633 playing BlackJack. Congratulations to all of our Bodog Casino winners! See you next time. Want to join the World Cup 2010 fever? You can start by playing World Cup Soccer Spins at Bodog Casino today!

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