$11 M Jackpot a Huge Mistake by Malfunctioning Slot Machine

Fri, 11 Jun 2010 05:14
Mary Ann McMahon was supposed to be jumping for joy after seeing $11,000,600.01 flashing on a slot machine in yellow light.  The $11 million jackpot would help the McMahons make a great start, until they were later informed that it was a huge mistake.  She didn't win more than $11 million but would only be getting $1,627.82, the real amount she won after playing a Diamond Line slot machine at Wildwood Casino in Colorado.  As it turned out, it was a case of a malfunctioning slot machine, which drove the personnel into panic and almost send the winner into a heart attack if the jackpot were ever real. This has happened twice in Colorado, since a few months ago, it was also reported that another casino brought a malfunctioning slot machine to the attention of the Colorado Division of Gaming for further inspection.  The malfunctioning slot machine displayed more than $40 million as jackpot when in truth, the player only won $20.18 as confirmed by the authorities. Another malfunctioning slot machine in a Colorado casino? The McMahons must have been so disappointed and it's perfectly understandable since $1,600 is a far-cry from the $11 million jackpot they were hoping to win.  Jim McMahon, husband of a hopeful jackpot winner cannot hide his disappointment and was quoted saying that  "If you do hit a jackpot, are they going to come up with another story?" When playing the 25-cent slot machine, Mary Ann saw two flashing figures in a cycle.  The first one says  $1,627.82 in red light and the other showed $11,000,600.01 in yellow light.  She thought she won $11 million but the casino personnel just told her that the machine will be checked and broken apart to see the problem.  She left the casino not having any confirmation from the management except that she will be informed in two to three weeks. The malfunctioning slot machine was referred to the Division of Gaming to start the investigation.  General Manager Kevin Werner of Wildwood Casino then clarified that the $11 million figure that flashed on the screen is not the jackpot money but the reset value of the progressive machine.  He said that the jackpot is not in the multi-million dollar range and that the biggest amount they've paid out is just more than $10,000.  The General Manager further claimed that Wildwood Casino is more than happy to pay the amount won by the player, as long as there are no glitches in the machine.  Since the case is still being investigated, Mary Ann would have to wait about a month to claim her payout of more than $1,600.

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