World Cup Sports Betting Tips: England vs. US

Sat, 12 Jun 2010 10:39
Starting June 11, football fans will surely be tuned in to the latest happenings in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.  As early as now, bets are made on teams that are more likely to take home the trophy and players who will make a run for the highest goals.  Now that the kickoff for the world's biggest football tournament is fast-approaching, there's much talk about the game between England and the US that will take place on Saturday.  Though many initially thought that England will easily score against the US, which is more known for its basketball league, losing its captain, Rio Ferdinand, due to injury may lead to a different turn of events.  Sports betting fans who are eagerly anticipating the match between England and the US should take a closer look at the betting odds, player updates, and further developments in teams. England versus the US England definitely has the advantage as a World Cup veteran and as a country that simply breathes football.  Some even gives credit to David Beckham, one of England's top players, for bringing football (better known as soccer in the US) to the US and pumping up the MLS to create a following among sports fans.  Although the US is seen as the underdogs, recent developments say that there might be a crack on what's calculated as an easy win for the England without Rio Ferdinand, who's been the first choice to lead the England team by coach Fabio Cappelo.  Sports bettors also have to take into account that the US earned some recognition during the 2009 Federations Cup after beating Spain, another veteran World Cup contender, 2 to 0.  That's a huge upset that gives team USA some credit in the international football league.  However, the US has to watch out for Wayne Rooney who is expected to be England's top scorer after being hailed as a "goal threat" by fans and sports bettors. Rio Ferdinand's injury Rio Ferdinand was supposed to be the captain of the England team, but won't be able to play because of injury.  Ferdinand has already arrived at the hotel and had been to a training facility in Rustenberg.  Unfortunately, during a training session, he bumped into his teammate and the collision resulted in damaged ligaments of his knees. Following the recent turn of events, Capello then appointed Steven Gerrard to be the replacement of Ferdinand.  Despite the injury, Ferdinand insisted to stay until England's first scheduled match, which is against team USA.  Like David Beckham, Ferdinand will be sitting on the bench, supporting the team from the sidelines.  Previously, there were rumors that Ferdinand would catch the first plane to England, but it appeared that the captain is there to support the team all the way. Some analysts say that even without Ferdinand, England has a strong shot, especially as a team that has been hungry for a win since they last held the World Cup title in 1966.

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