Big Winner on New World Cup Soccer Slot

Fri, 18 Jun 2010 09:35
Bodog Casino’s brand new World Cup Soccer Spins barely two weeks old and it already has its first big winner! 34-year-old Scott B. of Wisconsin pulled in $15,800 off the new machine on June 10th, and he did it in the most gratifying way to play in the Bodog Casino, while watching sports. “I was half watching the NBA Finals and playing Bodog at the same time,” Scott said. “I walked away for a minute from the computer and when I came back I saw the ‘Congratulations’ message on the screen.” The World Cup Soccer Spins game has been available in the Bodog Casino for only a couple of weeks to keep World Cup passions high between matches and fake injuries. The slot has symbols like soccer balls, goalie gloves, shoes, red and yellow cards and soccer players the game boasts it’s own Scatter, Bonus and Wild symbols that can win you free spins and tons of cash. Surprisingly, Scott is not even a big soccer fan, he just thought the game looked fun. “I was interested in the soccer casino game when I first saw it,” he said. “I have to admit I am not the biggest soccer fan in the world, I just like to try all the new casino games when they come out.” Along with Soccer Spins Scott plays a wide variety of different casino games. He enjoys slot machines like Summer Dream, Freaky Gym, Outta This World and Jackpot 7s and table games like Tri-Card Poker. But it’s obvious World Cup Soccer Spins will be his new favorite. Especially since he won the big jackpot just months before a new family member is born. “My first child is due on August 4, so this win comes exactly at the right time,” he said. “I'm planning on using some of it for a new vehicle that can hold a car seat and the rest will probably go into a savings account for the little guy when he is born!” “If there's any left over I plan on spending a little bit on a laptop computer, and of course I'll have to make a few bets in the Bodog Casino!” Play the World Cup Soccer Spins slot in the Bodog Casino for free right now!

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