US Soccer Team Loses Despite Preparations

Sat, 03 Jul 2010 06:37
Last week's soccer events marked history for the US Soccer Team as they lost to the team from Ghana. The game was filled with exciting moments, causing audiences to get up on their feet to cheer. The game ended in a 2-1 score in favor of Ghana. The disappointed US team lost, despite boasting earlier that they were confident to go against their opponents. Just before the US team's last game at the World Cup series, the whole country was hyped by the game against Ghana. The US was a few steps closer to the World Cup. Winning the match against Ghana would put the US team in the quarterfinals, the closest the US has come to the cup since its loss to Brazil in 1994. The team has been inspired by their coach and their confidence was heightened by their wins in the past. The players derived hope from their undefeated streak. Even sports fanatics have given the US soccer team more attention than usual. Sports fans see watching and supporting the team as part of their responsibility. The US team’s confidence was bolstered by the fact that Ghana’s top player was out on a knee injury and won’t make it back in time for the game. The US team, however got back Findley, who is a forward, after being declared eligible to play after a one game suspension. The impact of the US soccer team's loss Last game's loss is a big blow to the US team and many are looking for blood. Most fans and sports critics lay the blame on US team coach Bob Bradley.  The US team fought hard, and refused to give up until the end. However, blatant mistakes and errors in judgment were seen all throughout the game. Putting the blame on Coach Bradley For one, coach Bradley did not stick to the winning line up that was used against Algeria. Instead, he placed Ricardo Clark as his mid fielder. Clark was responsible for England’s goal against the US in a previous game, but his skills are still no match for Findley. Five minutes into the game, Clark earned a yellow card after allowing the opponent team to score a goal. Bradley realized his error and substituted Clark but only in the 30th minute. Despite the hype on his return, Findley kicked a ball right into the goalie, which was another wasted chance at a goal by the US team. He was then substituted by Benny Feilhaber who made quite an effect in the second half. With the number of substitutes, the team was left with a single substitute for the final half of the match. However, this proved insufficient as the game went into overtime. At the end of the day, the US team was seen as “too naive” for being unprepared to take on such a team as the Ghana soccer team. Most soccer fans are campaigning against coach Bob Bradley, blaming his lack of technical adeptness. Although the US team has coasted along with acceptable wins and exciting games, the buck has to stop here. Another chance at the World Cup quarter finals has been blundered, leaving soccer fans and sports critics looking for change.

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