Our List of Casino Winners

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 12:09
Frank L. of CA made a killing at the blackjack tables with his $32K win – making him our top winner of the day. Frank wasn’t the only one scoring some cash at the blackjack tables because Richard B. of CA walked away with $20,481 in winnings. Our winner lists go on and on as usual and today is definitely no exception. If you’re wondering if your name is on the list feel free to check out the rest of our top winners below and if not then we’ll see you on the next one. Other big Bodog Casino winners from yesterday included: - Richard B. of CA won $20,481 playing online BlackJack. - Cathy D. of MO won $15,798 playing the Derby Dollars. - Pamela P. of PA won $10,701 playing Dirty Martini. - Brenda V of KY won $8,621 playing Fruit Frenzy. - Wilfred H. of AR won $8,488 playing Enchanted Garden. - Patrick M. of IL won $7,555 playing Let ‘Em Ride. - Frank L. of CA won $7,038 playing BlackJack. - David A. of IL also won $5,841 playing Blackjack. - Tony C. of KY won $5,761 playing Sevens and Stripes. - Michelle M. of AK won $5,628 playing Witches and Wizards. - Clarence E B. of IN won $5,368 playing Witches and Wizards Machine. - Scott R. of CA won $5,280 playing Rain Dance. - Kay N. of IN won $5,263 playing Witches and Wizards. - Christine C. of PA won $5,275 on Joker Poker. - Nandit M. of PA won $5,089 playing Goldbeard. - Bill W. of KS won $5,087 playing Triple Toucan. - Cathy D. of MO won $4,583 playing Sevens and Stripes. - Rosey K. of England won $4,503 playing BlackJack. - Scott B. of IL won $4,300 playing BlackJack. Congratulations to all of our winners for today who seem to surprise us day after day with their amazing wins. Join us for our next bunch of winners who enjoy over 70 casino games and excitement at Bodog Casino. Check out these and dozens of other exciting casino games and remember that payday is everyday at Bodog Casino. Play today and win!

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