Microgaming Introduces a New Series of Slots Tournaments

Sat, 18 Sep 2010 00:12
Microgaming has just announced its plans of introducing changes to its popular Slot and Blackjack Tournament schedule. The event which will include all participating Microgaming casino operators will focus on innovative tournament formats designed to make the whole operation run better for interested parties. As the biggest source of gaming software online, this recent move shows how Microgaming is constantly working to enhance its offerings and products to operators and players all over the globe. The following are some inclusions in the new program: Reloader tournaments These are single round tournaments where players will be able to "reload" in order to get more chances of winning. However, add-ons to the game is not an option, which means that for each game, all players have the same level of chance in winning for that single round. Survivor tournaments This can be thought of as the opposite of Reloader. Games are basically done through multiple rounds wherein players are eliminated for each round with the sole "survivor" taking home the prize. The game can be entered to only with a one-time fee, meaning add-ons or re-buying once you have been eliminated is not permitted. One-Shot tournaments As the name suggests, this type of tournament is a one-time deal that allows participants just one try to get the top prize. Add-ons or re-buys in the game is therefore not allowed, making the whole game a fast and frantic tournament that could pump up the adrenaline in just a few minutes. It's a very exciting type of game that could appeal to most players who like the challenge of a one-shot deal. Extender tournaments One could say this is the opposite of One-Shot tournaments. The Extender game type is where players get to build their scores as much as they want. This is where add-ons and re-buys are allowed as more and more players try to beat off the currently highest score. The person with the highest accumulated score gets to take home the first prize. The premier event introduced by Microgaming through this new schedule is the Monthly Monster, a 25k guaranteed tournament, which would start on the last Monday of every month and the following seven days after that. Aside from this, another two guaranteed slot tournaments offering 10k prizes each is the Midweek Moolah and the Weekend Whopper. Microgaming backs up these new and innovative tournament releases with a statement detailing how they are confident that the recent additions will meet the expectations of both players and operators. According to Mike Hebden, Head of Casino at Microgaming, their recent introduction of the Slot and Blackjack Tournament is Microgaming's way of improving the casino experience, ensuring that the company stays ahead as the industry market changes.

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