Lions Lair Slots Pays Out Big Time

Wed, 02 Feb 2011 08:26
Gregory G. of NJ showed the king of the jungle who’s the boss after winning a total of $50,856 playing Lions Lair online slot machine at Bodog Casino. It was a brutal fight to the top after scores of players won thousands playing their favorite casino games including our second place contender, David A. of IL, who walked away with a total of $45,643 playing American Roulette. Today’s casino winners list goes on and on, check below a complete list of winners. Other big Bodog Casino winners included: Darren N. of WY won $37,684 while playing Rain Dance. Michael G. of MO won $27,466 while playing Caesar’s Empire. Jeff S. of OH won $ 19,478 playing Caesar’s Empire. Chris H of CO won $18,874 playing Roulette. Carrie R. of ME won $18,290 playing 3 Card. Joseph M. won $12,573 playing online Craps. Sagie K. of NJ won $8,850 playing Double Double Bonus Video Poker. Billy R. of TX won $8,762 playing Diamond Dozen. Stephen A. of MS won $8,632 playing online Blackjack. Larry S. of TN won $8,630 playing American Roulette. Beatrice W. of PA won $8,041 playing Diamond Dozen. Thuy H. of CA won $7,260 playing Achilles online slots. Christine K. of CA won $7,118 playing Caesar’s Empire online slots. Brian R. of KY won $6,571 playing online Blackjack. Mark R. of CA won $6,067 playing online Craps. Patrick R. of FL won $5,375 playing Bonus Deuces Wild. Donnie M of VA won $5,265 playing Fruit Frenzy online slots. Wes J. of NC won $4,876 playing online Blackjack. Carl M. of AZ won $4,778 playing online Blackjack. Robert M. of CA won $4,760 while playing Blackjack. Kindell H of OH won $ 4,523 playing online Blackjack. Joann D of OK won $4,291 playing Enchanted Garden online slots. Greg L. of WI won $3,400 while playing Double Double Bonus Poker online slots. Whether you’re in it for the glory or simply a nice little chunk of change in your pocket every now and again, Bodog Casino is sure to deliver with their free and easy downloadable gaming software and a wide selection of casino favorites for your gaming pleasure. Congratulations to all of our winners! Looking for the hottest casino action? Find over 70 online casino games that pay out day after day. Make a name for yourself at Bodog Casino today!

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