Live Like a Billionaire: Bodog Congratulates Latest Blackjack Milestone Winners

Sat, 19 Feb 2011 08:18
Bodog’s online casino continues its march toward an amazing milestone – ONE BILLION HANDS OF BLACKJACK! Currently sitting at 993,000,000 – only 7 million hands away from 1 billion - the countdown continues… Who will win the Billionth Blackjack Hand grand prize? It could be you! Play online blackjack at Bodog today for your chance to win YOUR CHOICE of either a billionaire’s experience aboard a private yacht overlooking the Grand Prix in Monaco, or a luxurious weekend of pampering on a private island in Fiji. Bodog Casino congratulates the 14 lucky blackjack winners who - out of a pack of 21 winners – picked up a pretty cool sum of $1,000 just for playing one of their favorite online casino games. Only ONE grand prize winner will get to experience what it feels like to Live Like a Billionaire! Visit Bodog Casino’s Billionth Blackjack Hand promo page to find out how YOU can win cash prizes, casino bonuses and a billionaire’s experience of a lifetime. Join Bodog today.

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