Top Casino Winner at Bodog Casino

Thu, 11 Aug 2011 11:39
Every now again a casino player adopts the no guts no glory attitude and takes risks that just may earn him/her the top prize, enter Daryl F. of KS, who after playing a combination of Penguin Power and Outta This World slots scored a grand total of $112,178 – making him our top weekend winner. While Daryl was busy showing off his winning casino skills Nelson F. of TX scored a suave second place spot after his $33,641 win playing World Cup Soccer Spins. Want to find out if you made it onto our select list of winners? Find out below: Other big Bodog Casino winners from the weekend included: Eric S. from VA won an amazing $23,016 playing the Prince of Sherwood Slot game. Beau B. from TX won a whopping $18,738 playing online Blackjack. Arthur S. from FL made his $17,975 win playing online Craps. David B. from MA had the last laugh against the Joker when he left with $15,812 playing Joker Poker. Sean S. from IL had a gratifying win of $15,500 from playing online Blackjack. Darren N. from WY won his share of gold after winning $14,725 in the Aztec’s Treasure slot game. Congratulations to all of our grand casino winners who increased their bankroll considerably playing their favorite online casino games here at Bodog Casino. Yesterday was definitely a great day for three of our top slot machine players who we’re shedding the spotlight on today after they scored thousands playing three of our top slot machines here at Bodog Casino. Today we’d like to congratulate Daryl F. from KS who was in the mood for some intense car racing action yesterday after scoring a grand total of $12,805 playing Green Light slot machine – making him our top scoring player for the day. Other big Bodog Casino winners from yesterday included: Daryl F from KS won $11,490 while playing Archipelago slots. Pete P from IL won $6,950 while playing Fruit Frenzy slots. This is the first report of our top casino winners from yesterday with many more to come. For more exciting slot machine action join us at Bodog Casino for some of the hottest slot machines online including our latest additions, BATTLEGROUND slots which takes players on a comical journey with a fumbling army brigade as well as HYDRO HEAT which is the adrenaline packed slot machine where high-speed boat racing can lead to lots of bonus cash. Join us as more and more winners are announced and hopefully, you’ll be next! Congratulations to all of our casino winners for today! Yesterday’s casino winners were legendary, with their awesome slot machine technique and their amazing blackjack skills. Topping off our list of winners is Larry W. from TX who scored $16,705 while digging for gold playing Gold in Bars slot machine. Way to go Larry! Michael G. from MO won some serious cash while admiring the ways of the lonesome Japanese warriors known as Ronin and walked away with $14,298. Other big Bodog Casino winners included: Michael G. from MO had deja vu when he made another big win of $12,756 playing Caribbean Stud Poker. Jeffrey W.from CA made away with a whopping $11,701 in Penguin Power. Greg L. from WI made his big win of $10,020 playing Double Double Bonus Poker. Dean F. from WA struck gold when he won $9,302 playing Blackjack. Head over to Bodog's online casino and play a wide selection of free casino games including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps online slots and plenty of other exciting games. Congratulations to all of our casino players who are starting off the weekend right, with a little extra cash in their pocket from our grandiose Winnerpalooza Friday. Stay tuned for our next round of casino winners; it could be you! We have a handful of new slot machines here at Bodog Casino and it was Grace B. from FL who earned this weekend’s top spot after winning $85,889 playing our latest addition, Reel Blood slot machine . Congratulations to Grace who scored the top spot this weekend but she definitely wasn’t alone as many more of her fellow casino players also scored thousands including Julie S. of CA who made her way into the second place spot after winning $61,560 playing Cleopatra’s Gold slots. Check out our complete list of casino weekend winners below. Other big Bodog Casino winners from the weekend included: Karl H. of Bavaria scored $52,721 playing Goldbeard slots. James R. of ON had it all in the bag when he won $26,677 playing BlackJack. Patrick C. of CA won $26,505 trying his luck at 7’s and Stripes slots. David G. of TN smoothly scored $18,546 playing Crystal Waters slots. Darren N. of WY also won $13,965 playing Crystal Waters slots. Michael G. of MO was living the star life in Caesar’s Empire winning $12,730. George R. of CA was dancing in the rain after winning $11,090 playing Rain Dance slots. Stephen C. of WI won $10,638 playing Single Deck BlackJack. Congratulations to all of our weekend winners! Stay tuned as we announce more and more casino winners! Yesterday, it was all fun and games for Alexandra A. of ON who had double the fun while playing Double Double Bonus Poker and walking away with $25,211 – earning her the top spot in today’s casino winners list. Today’s second place spot went to Albert P. from Indiana who scored a boozy win after playing Dirty Martini slots and winning $16,833. Way to go Albert and Alexandra! Check out the rest of our top winners for the day! Other big Bodog Casino winners from yesterday included: Patricia C. from FL conquered Rome when he won an amazing $10,793 playing Caesar’s Empire slots. Jennifer S. from FL found her treasure after winning $10,451 playing Goldbeard. Edie R. from WY summoned a cash spell that earned him $9,995 playing Witches and Wizards. Darren N. from WY won a whopping $9,510 playing Caesar’s Empire slots. Leon S. from NM made away with some of the gold when he won $8,045 playing Aztec’s Treasure. Kim I. from CA made a way with $7,844 playing Ronin slots. Want to play to win? Join these and so many more of our other casino winners who enjoy dozens of online casino games playing at Bodog Casino including blackjack, roulette, slots and more. Bow down to Victoria S. from CA who wowed us all with her amazing $197,056 win playing Tiger Treasures, Crystal Waters and Rain Dance slots. She truly set the example today and earned herself the elusive top spot in Bodog Casino. Another hot shot in the casino who earned the second place spot was Grace B. of FL who played our latest addition to our slot machine family, Reel Blood slots and won $11,412. Way to go guys! Other casino winners from yesterday included: Donna S. of TX won $9,157 while playing Paradise Dreams online slot machine. Kiou J. of FL walked away with $8,390 playing online Baccarat. Grace B. of FL was very lucky playing Witches and Wizards slots helping her walk away with $7,797. Jerry V. of CA walked away another big winner with $6,222 playing Witches and Wizards slots. Craig H. of CO took home $6,038 playing online Blackjack. Looking to go down in the infamous casino winners hall of fame? Join us here at Bodog Casino for more fun, more excitement and some of the hottest casino games online. Congratulations to all of our casino winners for today who once again scored thousands rocking their favorite casino games. Play at Bodog today and see what the hype is all about! Join us for more and more daily casino action here at Bodog Casino. Find over 70 online casino games that pay out day after day. Make a name for yourself at Bodog Casino today.

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