Surging Brewers Face Test in First-Place Nats

Thu, 20 Sep 2012 23:23
It’s been easy to overlook the Milwaukee Brewers in the eventful NL Central this season, but that doesn’t mean the forgotten National League force has resigned to a down year on the MLB moneyline. Suddenly within reach of a wild card berth, the club will take on the league-leading Washington Nationals this weekend. Get all your MLB futures at Bovada’s online sportsbook. According to Bovada’s MLB oddsmakers, despite their recent success, surging Milwaukee will have their work cut out for them squeezing into the postseason. Although just a handful of games back from the last remaining berth, they have just 35/1 odds of winning the World Series. The Nationals, in contrast, sit at 7/1 on those same MLB odds. With recent momentum on their side, Milwaukee will have to embrace the opportunity against the No. 1 team in baseball if they want to prove that they deserve a ticket to the postseason anyway. The four-game set running from Friday to Monday will be indicative of what baseball fans can expect down the stretch and into October. If the Brewers can continue to fight, despite the log jam of competition for the last wild card nod, it might not be long before there’s a new legitimate contender on the World series futures.