Soon-to-be-Pelicans Face Heat in South Beach

Fri, 07 Dec 2012 01:17
Have you heard the one about the group of tentatively dubbed pelicans flying over to South Beach? Me neither. This Sunday the New Orleans Hornets will look to justify the surprising announcement of their pending name change with a strong showing against the NBA betting community’s No. 1 team; the Miami Heat. With the new moniker taking effect as early as next season, New Orleans is running out of time to convince fans to make their final jersey purchases before they’ll be officially out of date next fall. Fortunately, with a compelling, albeit relatively toothless roster, they might just make their fans proud after all. Although it’s unlikely that standout first-year big man Anthony Davis will be back in the lineup to take on LeBron James and company, the prospect of point guard Austin Rivers and the continued evolutions of Ryan Anderson and Robin Lopez make this a team worthy of a second look. As well, with 500/1 odds of winning the NBA championship, expectations are about as low as one could expect - the perfect scenario for young and/or underutilized players hoping to take steps forward in their careers. Betting on basketball takes more than simply throwing money at an underdog opponent, however, but the individual game point spread could make these future Pelicans a more reasonable option than they would normally ever be against a team of Miami’s caliber. Bet on the NBA at Bovada’s online sportsbook.

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