Braves Under Microscope Against Reigning Champion Giants

Thu, 13 Jun 2013 00:20
Although the Atlanta Braves underwent a significant transition in their outfield over the offseason, their success in 2013 can’t be attributed exclusively to brothers Justin and B.J. Upton. These days, using both home-grown and newly acquired talent, the Braves are securing their place among the MLB futures elite. Bet on Major League Baseball and get a free 50% Sport Bonus. Powered by 24-year-old first baseman and third-year Brave, Freddie Freeman, Atlanta has stormed out to the front of the National League East Division and has 15/2 odds of winning the World Series. Not bad for a team best known for either fizzling out down the regular season stretch or early in the postseason. Is this the year Atlanta wins its first postseason series since 2001? On Friday the Braves will get an opportunity to gauge just how far they’ve come when they line up against the reigning champion San Francisco Giants at Turner Field. The Giants have 14/1 MLB odds of their own, but more importantly, experience closing out opportunities where Atlanta has failed. With Freeman at the top of his game, Jason Heyward now finally healthy and the Upton brothers in tow rounding out the offense, it’s hard not to be intrigued by their potential. Considering that sports fans and MLB oddsmakers alike already know that the organization is good, it’s time for the Braves to show the world that they can be great.

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