Nfl Guide

Sat, 21 Jun 2008 23:19

NFL Guide

Guiding you through the national football league.

Let me take you down through some of the most fundamental NFL (football) rules and mechanics. Here we go, first, let me tackle (ehr, was that a pun) the squads. An eleven-man squad, if in possession of the ball, is termed as offense, and they would advance the football by either running (with it) or by throwing. The scoring of points is achieved by the act of crossing the line, and barging into a section termed as end zone.

Whereas, the other squad would be the defense, they would do their utmost best in stopping the advance of the opposing team. When the offense scores or loses possession, the defense and the offense trade places, this would keep on until the 4 quarters of the contest are over. In this manner, it is quite similar to basketball, in case you are a basketball buff too.

Field: it measures 100 yards by 53 yards, there are white markings to aid the officials, players, fans (too) to monitor where the ball is. The end zone which I have mentioned is an extra 10 yards at the tail part of the field, and it is consdered as the most crucial section.

Timing: a game is divided into 4 fifteen minute sections called quaters, with a 12-minute recess in mid-way. Second half would commence with the kickoff, akin to how it is started in first quarter of the game. Speaking of kickoffs, this is how it's done. Ball is placed on a tee somewhere at the defense's line, and the placekicker would kick it to the offense.

Every offensive team has forty seconds from finish of a play up to the snap. Game clock would be halted at the finish of an incomplete passing action, if a player goes out of bounds, or during the calling of a penalty.

What is a touchdown: this is the largest single score for a game, this is 6 points. It permits the scoring side a chance to try for a bonus point, and to score that touchdown, ball has to be carried across line up to the end zone, among other possibilities. (Like, a fumble that gets rescued in the end zone part).

Now, let us go to another topic, that on betting. In our Net-dominated generation, it is only expected to see thousands of buffs bet via online. All you need to do is surf, ask around, and experiment a bit before going big time with the bets. Without giving you an actual online sportsbook, let me give you a few traits of a solid and good sports betting entity.

It should be able to offer latest NFL ATS standings of the thrty-two pro squads. The matchups should contain statistics (accurate), meetings, power ratings and other pertinent data. Naturally, the last thing on earth that you'd want is to place bets on an unscrupulous entity. There are individual sites focusing on reviews, all you need to do is check. (When I say individual, it is no way connected to the concerned sportsbetting site).

However, if you are a very busy individual, you must take note of this. If you would just invest at a handicappers pick, choose the site with "picks" section or pages, for not all of them have it.


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