Nfl Playoffs

Fri, 19 Sep 2008 21:16

Nfl Playoffs

Football enthusiasts love watching NFL games, especially the playoffs. Because the National Football League is the world's largest professional American football league, many fans tune in to watch this league's games. Regular NFL seasons consist of 16 games and the NFL playoffs are held after those 16 games to determine the teams that would go to the NFL championships. Based on the records during the regular season, six teams from the two different conferences of the league, the American Football Conference and National Football Conference, will battle for the NFL championships. In case there are equal records, a tie-breaker will be used.

Qualifications for NFL playoffs

Starting in 2002, the two conferences were further divided into four divisions consisting of four teams each. Below are the qualifications for the playoffs:

* The four division champions from the two conferences are seeded based on their performance during the year as evidenced by their won-lost-tied record.
* Two wild cards are then chosen; these are teams that are given the chance to play in the postseason game of the NFL even though they did not win in their own divisions. These wild cards are the two teams with the best records among teams that are non-division winners.

Rounds for the NFL playoffs

The first round of the playoffs is also termed as the wild card round, mainly because the two wild cards play against the two division winners considered as lowest seeds. The winners of those games then play in the divisional round against the top two division winners. The top two teams are granted a "bye," which means that they can automatically advance to the second round. This gives them the advantage of playing one less game. 

History of NFL playoffs

From 1920 to 1932, there were no NFL playoffs. Between 1920-1923, the championship title was just decided by the team owners by doing a vote during the annual owners meeting. From 1924-1932, the championship was awarded to the team which has the best winning percentage.

Because many were interested in having a championship game, the league then split into two divisions in 1933. There were no tie-breaker systems then, so any tie in the final records has to be resolved in a playoff game. During 1967, the NFL added the Saints, bringing the number of teams to 16. The NFL then divided the two conferences into two divisions each, with each division having four teams. The champion in each division would then get to play in the playoffs, and a tie-breaker system was then devised so that there would be no delays. The playoffs' first round determined the champion of the conference. The team that wins the conference championship then represents that conference in the NFL championship game. It could be said that it was only in 1967 that the first official playoffs happened.

Many football fans are excited about the outcome of NFL playoffs. There are even some individuals who have made it a point to bet on their favorite team so that they may gain some profit in case they guess right.